Hero or hacker???

This player in game name: raynaaab.

Lvl 61

Leadership: 4745

Atack: 503

Throupy: 2666

Did 100% to my base with paladins and orges!!!

Use hamstrike and shield!!!

My base all max lvl tower lvl 9.

My throupy: 4600

Is it normal, he didnt even use canons???gOu5ZA.png




Try to do the same things as he did that is try to use ogre and paladins and the same spells on your base and verified.

Spartecus the Great, you might be surprised at how much damage ogres actually on offense. I have seen just a level 2 ogre kill a level 1 firebolt tower in two hits…

MisterE, pls don’t forget. All his tower are max. and u can try with this units on his base then u can see how ogre work.

as i posted on saturday about him, he plays not without technical help.

I hope Jona will clear this case fast.






Does anybody really think you can win 100% with ogre and paladin again a good base without any scrolls? really?

Ogre in attack is the badest troop you can choose.

I know spartecus base, you cant beat his base with ogre, never.

But he was probably using max ogres, max paladins, and max shield, none of which I have… I couldn’t pull off his attack even if I tried…




mischreiber1967, on 07 Dec 2014 - 10:20 AM, said:

Does anybody really think you can win 100% with ogre and paladin again a good base without any scrolls? really? 

Ogre in attack is the badest troop you can choose.

I know spartecus base, you cant beat his base with ogre, never.


Ogres in attack are actually not that bad; you just have to be careful with your spells and other units to make sure they stay alive and effective.

Any one have max shield and want to try my base?

Without wanting to speak badly of ogres - I use lvl 5 ogres for my attacks every now and then, and they can indeed smash some towers surprisingly quickly, so they are far from being the worst unit for offense! - I think with none of heal, bladestorm and sonic blast and with poison that is completely useless against any towers and not really helpful against a base full of ogres, mummies, mortars and frosters (none of them weak to poison, 2 of them resistant to poison, 2 of them with massive amounts of health), you just can’t win a maxed-out base (or a high level base with maxed out towers)… also the paladins faxxat brought would have been painfully slow and just get devoured at the initial chokepoint by mortars and frosters alltogether…

Soloing a elite level base with a such weak king and only some ogres? No way…


Max paladins are completely useless even at bases that are around 3k trophies. Spartecus is at 4.6k trophies.

He didnt even use bladstorm!!!

My blockades all lvl 12, how can he pass them didnt use even one scrull

I didn’t realize how weak his king was… it is the king of someone with skull towers level 2 to 5

LOL Spartecus he 100% your base no scrolls , he must have read your challenge and accept it.Give him gems now ! hahaha kidding  :stuck_out_tongue:

since the update came a lot of people have been experiencing visual problems like a zero trophy king with a alliance that had 50% gold boost

Too lazy to open a new thread, here I gather all recent proves, attack history lists, from 3 other different victims (besides David Kaw) of 3 suspected hackers/cheaters, plus 1 cheater who upload his hacking video. Already sent message to Jona, and these are the screenshots you may need to observe.  

raynaaab raid at darksilk base (top 50)




faxxat raid at kipps7587 base (top 10)




faxxat raid at alvernod base (top 10)





Lordul raid at Matchbox12 (top 50)




mahi and mahadee’s youtube video and FB page (windows hack)





raynaaab king stat




faxxat king stat




Lordul king stat




mahi and mahadee




 Since Jona receive a lot of messages (I guess) , so he might not reply or read yours so I’ll link this one to him instead  :slight_smile:

Just added 1 more suspected cheater, forgot to add this one, see again. And now there goes my limited upload image quota… XD

Mahi and mahadee ? Yeah I found their page saying they have hack , I think have video about it too.I will check again before sending to Jona.

It’s clearly a hack. From a security perspective it’s pretty easy to solve, they must be super busy to let this slide by time and time again.

I have check his base his ogre are not max not even his gargoyles i think he use cheats.

Hey everyone,


we will take a look at these players today. Please note that we already checked faxxat and that he does NOT appear to be cheating.