Hero Powers in 2018

Hero Powers haven’t had a major overhaul in a while, some of them not since launch, but the game has changed a lot in the past year+. I wanted to give a rundown of the Powers with some commentary to hopefully spark some discussion about Powers that could use a tweak to match the current state of the game. Comments are encouraged.

Asclepius  – I almost never find myself using this spell. There was a time when it was quite useful (in the original 6 war blessing era) because defenses did so much more damage comparatively, and it had a brief resurgence on high level odysseys before the difficulty was scaled down.  I think there are too many other ways to heal your hero, and a lot of current defenses and hero builds encourage playing far ahead of your army. Pheme also has taken it’s place on heroes who stay with their army. 

Suggestion - give it more versatility. Maybe, in addition to healing, make it deal damage to charon towers and charon unit spawn. They will be used much more frequently after the war blessings are won. It will make Asclepius a much more useful spell.

Okeanos –  I really like where this spell is now, especially since GK’s were modified to get hit by slowdown. 

Suggestion - If you gave it more damage I wouldn’t complain, but it’s a really great spell.

Talos –  Like Okeanos, I don’t think talos needs any modifications. It’s good enough that it’s often the right spell to select, but not so good that you’d be stupid to not use it.

_Suggestion – _None. Keep it.

Bia –  Pretty much the best spell in the game and useful on every hero with every build. I wouldn’t change a thing.

_Suggestion – _None.

Damocles –  I think, like Talos and Okeanos (and Pandora’s Box), this one is fine right where it is. It’s never a bad choice.

_Suggestion – _None.

Siren –   This is the damage spell that needs some work, _although, _it’s been improved slightly by the change to the gatekeeper rules. It still needs more of a buff to be really effective.

_Suggestion – _Less cooldown, more damage, longer stun, larger radius…pick 2 or 3 of those 4 and you have something.

Pandora’s Box –  This is a nice spell and is very well balanced in damage vs. cooldown time. Poison is an effective damage type.

_Suggestion – _None.

Pheme –  Pheme is weird. It’s not very effective at low levels or with low cooldown. It’s the most powerful spell in the game at high levels, especially with high cooldown. I hate to suggest a buff or a nerf because I don’t really think it’s needed and there better be a real good reason to nerf something IMO. It’s very difficult to get high level Pheme and it should  be very powerful for the amount of work you put in. But since the trophy system was modified back in the Winter, it’s easier to get Pheme to level 26+ where it starts being overpowered.

_Suggestion – _Short of re-doing the trophy system again, I think Pheme could be nerfed at the top end without ruining the spell. Make level 28 more like level 27, for example. Just scale it down slightly. If there is a cooldown cap implemented at some point, the Pheme nerf might not be needed.


Unique Spells: Most of the unique spells are fine. However, some of them are kinda maxed out right now, where, if new spell levels were ever added, it would be impossible to continue to improve them using the same mechanism. Case in point: Helen’s Beauty. You really can’t improve the effectiveness any more, and arguably the last couple of levels didn’t add much. New levels (or a revamping of current high levels) could introduce a new feature, maybe something that would make heroes other than Perseus attractive as a gatekeeper.

Scylla –  It’s in a pretty good place right now. I was disappointed at the nerf back in the fall, but whatever.

_Suggestion – _No change I guess.

Pyrphoros –  I hate Prom but he does have a good spell. This one’s fine.

Suggestion –  None.

Medusa’s Gaze –  It’s fine, although I wish Perseus wouldn’t use it on barricades in AP.

_Suggestion – _None.

Ariadne’s Spindle –  Another weird spell, where I hate to suggest changes seeing as Ariadne is already a very powerful hero. However, it’s almost completely unnecessary to max this spell out as it currently stands. It is actually more effective to have the portal open for a shorter amount of time, because it can get annoying to have enemies attacking your home gate and you have to wait for the portal to close to send units to attack them. Like Helen’s Beauty, I don’t think this spell translated well to the new spell levels when they were added last summer. Could the last couple of levels of Spindle do something different besides cooldown or portal time? Like an explosion that deals damage or something? I’m not sure. It’s just weird to have a spell where it’s detrimental to max it out.

_Suggestion – _I hope someone else has a suggestion here. I’m stumped.

Hydra –  In a great place after the major buff last year.

_Suggestion – _Nothing, it’s pretty nice. Ody is a crap GK, though (no shield), so maybe an effect that saps damage on enemies would be cool to counteract him not having a shield? Just a thought.

Helen’s Beauty –  I talked about this above, but the expansion levels of this spell were disappointing. They didn’t seem to make the spell any more powerful. It’s fine as is, just boring at the top levels.

_Suggestion – _Maybe those last two levels could increase the charm time more, or just do something extra. Helen could be an interesting gatekeeper, too, but she can’t tank like other heroes. Maybe her spell could do something different at high levels to make her more useful as a GK? Stun enemies who don’t get charmed?

Dragon’s Tooth –  Great spell, would recommend. A++

_Suggestion – _No suggestions, but again, it’s dull as anything as a GK spell. Completely ineffective.

Styx –  It’s fine. It’s the most boring spell in the game, but it’s not bad. Very nice against Chaos Gates, other than that it’s unremarkable.

_Suggestion – _I think i fell asleep thinking of a way to improve Styx. Maybe make it less boring? The synergy between Achilles GKs and placing towers at the gate is so much fun, too bad you’d be an idiot to ever do it. Could Styx (at high levels, maybe) make those towers actually invincible for a period of time? Now that would be cool! And make the gate invincible temporarily, so if you just tried to dodge the GK and break the gate, he would completely annoy you. We would have a new contender for top tier gatekeeper!

Golden Fleece –  Did i say Styx was boring? Fleece is just as bad. It’s nice, it’s fine, it’s … boring. If defenses are more deadly in the future this one will become more important again. Right now it’s not a game breaking spell.

_Suggestion – _Jason would be an awesome GK if his spell worked properly. As-is, he casts it before he takes any damage and he’s dead before he can cast it again. Welp. What about a life-tap like devour strength? that would be more interesting than the spell is currently and make him marginally more useful as a GK. Marginally.

Fist Of Power –  Like siren, the change to stun GKs improves this spell slightly. It’s still weak at high levels. Not too shabby at lower levels, though.

_Suggestion – _Same as siren. Increase damage, range, stun time, decrease cooldown time. Take your pick, it could use some help.


Ajax and Artemis Spells: These guys are so different from the other spells that I put them in their own category. They’re directional, they have weird lags while the animation plays out, they’re easy to miss with, they’re really hard to use on a small device. If I was using a gamepad, I’d probably play nothing but Ajax and Artemis. On a touchscreen, no thanks. I think across the board you should consider changing the lag time where you’re locked out from casting another spell while the animation finishes. It breaks up the whole flow of the game. It would also be nice if they didnt do that thing where you line up a spell and cast it and then the hero turns around to hit an enemy and the spell gets wasted. There was a reason all of your spells were circular AOE in the original game!!! That just works!. Beam and cone spells are like fitting a square peg in a round hole. Shapes, man.

Artemis Spells –  Other than the ^^^ stuff listed above, Artemis spells are all cool and powerful. I like the specs, I just don’t really love playing her. Call Stag is kind of a bummer, though.

_Suggestion – _Could you make the stag do something else? Idk, it’s just there. Maybe you can charge it with lightning. She stinks as a GK, too. I don’t know how you’d fix that. And make the poison arrow not miss as much. Hitbox is too small.

Ajax: :slightly_frowning_face:

Frenzy –  Good Spell!

_Suggestion – _It’s a good spell, hey!

Whirlwind –  Ooof. It’s better than it was a little while back. It still doesn’t do enough damage to kill a buffed Nyx tower in one shot. It’s still a deathtrap if you use it on a crowded corner.

_Suggestion – _More damage, allow you to cast Devour Strength while whirlwind is active. Allow you to cast Charge to cancel a whirlwind and escape from a dangerous situation instead of just spinning like a top and dying. Or just make Ajax invulnerable while WW is active. 

Devour Strength--  His best spell.

_Suggestion – _none

Charge –  Hands down the worst spell in the game. Boring, weak, misses easily, locks you in an annoying animation.

_Suggestion – _Select “Charge” and press Delete key.

Shield Slam –  It’s fiiiine. It’s easy to miss with.

_Suggestion – _Show the hitbox better. The little puff of smoke is almost invisible. It’s very difficult for new players to figure out how the spell works and how to make it hit anything. Consider changing from a cone to a wide beam and SHOW IT so you get a feel for where you have to be positioned to make the spell hit.

Can’t agree more… Enemy gets stronger after level 115-120, maybe those spells that have only 1 function, they might need some other effects after a specific level and up…

I got a suggestion for Stag, what if it could jump in the other side of the path and destroy Nyx/Charon as they are considered non-threaten towers and units ignore them…!?

On the other hand, Artemis as a heroine, when she start aiming to hit the target with her venom arrow, what if you could increase that fraction of a second (when she jumps) so we could aim manually, properly and hit the target?

For instance…It should be us locking the target down and not to be done automatically (adding a visual effect like we could aim with a sniper)…if in a corner there are 3 towers and only 1 is charon, then we should be able to aim for the charon and not hit Hydra.


Agree with pretty much everything dumpster wrote.  Fist of Power definitely needs another level or two, or wider range at higher levels.  Shield slam would be nice if it wasn’t directional, just circular effect.

Some of the ‘boring’ spells are quite useful (styx and fleece are quite nice imo), but it is true, they are boring…which is part of the reason I don’t normally play those heroes.

Well , I am looking forward to some adjustments to Fist of lighting and Sirin spell as they become useless after 100 Ascenion level even when maxed out.

Achilles unique spell could use one more feature beside providing some Shield value and it can make troops or towers to attack faster for few seconds.