Hero Scream Unit Speed

Hello! It’s me.
Today I will try to beat the top 10 player with a double perk HSUS.



Very nice video.

I have always wondered how good would that helmet be (as a complement to the Omega Weapon or Chuchunya), but I don’t have it yet.


I have long wanted to get it. + The fact that the troops very quickly approach the king.

someone said that paladins are very slow. here is the decision
I still run in these geer

left to get a belt on double blizzard and I will make a video about a super blizzard

Do a Super Blizzard battle challenge! Trusty Guardian, Fritz Pal, Frosters, Wolves (just cause), and Vikings, and Blizzard spell especially. On your hero, if possible, have the Blizzard Aura ring

Yes, I collected things in a blizzard, there was only a belt.

About the combo, thanks, I’ll try to make it interesting. not always ideas work as they think)

about the aura, no. i use apollon ring