Hero Stats Decreasing

I have recently noticed heroes stats (protection against fire , fire etc … ) are decreasing from 45% to 40% even without changing any gear !!!

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Did you leveled up?

i am at MAX level with no gear change or even upgrade !!!

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strange. can you tell which heros (or is it every one)? if you did not level up with account or hero level or forge or change items, then maybe they adjusted the hero invisible base value for fire resistance (the value that % are calculated against) or modified the visual fire resistance bonus if a hero has some (that would be easy to see):thinking: strange and thx for bringing this up.

edit: i have not observed this. but idk how may % fire res. i had for most heros. :thinking:

Did you change Odyssey buffs?

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One possible reason you mentioned could be interesting, does leveling up ascension level effect heroes stats ???

Yes that’s why I asked you did you leveled up(meaning raised your ascension level).

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You increased your ascension level. I am not talking about your hero level but ascension level

yes as @HOLYDIVINE said the % based items loose 5% when you raise your account level. not because the absolute values of the items itself become weaker but because the internal value those % are calculated towards are raised.
but other absolute based stats like command, health, strength are raised too, so some heroes feel stronger after level up while others that are more related to e.g. cd feel weaker (and protection feels weaker in general).
by this mechanism we always have to forge, since also the stats of new itmes that drop are stronger and stronger with every account level.


I think its 4% or at least it was.

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It doesn’t lose a % of what you have, it just makes it so that you’d need 5% more to have the same % you had before. That means the %value you have will be divided by 1.05 for every level you go up

Well, to be precise you lose 4.8% of the stats of percentage-base perks. So if you have 75% CD (no exceed) raise one level it becomes 71% CD. But if you only have 60% CD you only “loose” 3% and end up with 57% CD.

The fire resistance went down from 45% to 40%, which meant that he had jumped 2 ascension levels.

@Zhadess you best me by a few seconds :joy:.


The 4% is an average, I should have specified that. My bad.

You are correct but try to give that answer when someone asks on this forum. You will confuse them even more. Especially if you use the analysis of Marinien below. Not everyone is keen on understanding deeper mathematics, even if this is a simple and not too deep. Which should be easy since we all do it at school, but meh.

@Marinien sure, that’s correct. We just used the 4% because most of the time we noticed this in the old days, on maxed out heroes and GK. And even when we had 90% its still approx 4%, and 75% is still approx 4%. 4% is a good average or approx to say to someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with how that 4% is calculated.

In fact we also used approx 2% for DR if my memory serves me well.