Hero Statue Error

Hi Everyone,

In Game name: illidan stromrage

I am not really sure, if this error is only faced by me alone. Please do put in your own observations, if you have the same error.

Does the hero statue resemble exactly the hero chosen, except for the extra % damage and health? If so, I have a error in it. I am using Perseus. His stats(with whatever combinations I use) doesn’t change at all. I tried using all 3 slots while assigning the hero, but the statue values does not change. It stays same for all three slots. Is this an error or does the hero stats are only up to level? Is there any limitation cap to the hero set?

example: He has a physical resistance of 90%, but the statue resistance stays only at 46% always. Is this due to an error or limitation cap?

Developers, please take a look in this and let me know your views.



Vishnu Kumar

Yo the statues gain half stats the resistances :slight_smile: .

Hey @IllidanVishnu,

As mentioned by CB50, there is a cap on the Hero Statues of half the stats of your Hero.

In addition, if you are still using Version 4.0.1 or lower, there was a bug that the Hero Statue stats were not changing visually when changing sets. In battle it works correctly.

Hi @CB50 & @CaptainMorgan,


Thanks for the clarification.

@CaptainMorgan what about frostbite or life on hit or Area Of effect stats they always stay same except resistance or Damage deflection.

Are you asking a question or answering it? Seems anything that mitigates damage is lowered and anything else stays the same.