Hero Statue values diminished, why?

Greetings folks!


I have a question about the Hero Statue: Why do the percentages diminish (values stay the same) when you put your hero is placed to defend the gates? I know I choose the right equipment slot but when i compare, for example the Physical Resistance from Hero Preparation panel with the one from the Hero Statue, the one from the Statue is 9% (53%) less the in the Hero Preparation Panel (64%) when the values in numbers are IDENTICAL!?

Now, another question: Does the Hero Statue uses all 3 spells you equip in the spell slots? Because as I see it, it only uses it’s hero’s  main spell…


Any input for this noob’s questions is highly appreciated!

All defensive perks and resistances are reduced for gatekeepers, otherwise they would be much too tough. Health and damage are increased. Offensive perks are the same. 

And the gatekeeper only uses the hero’s main spell. 

Thank you for the reply, @dumpster ! That makes perfect sense! Cheers!