Hero Statue with New Equipment Slots

I use AJAX to defend my gate. With the new equipment slots I used slot I for attack mode and used slot II for defence mode for when he defends the gate.

I then went to my hero statue and chose slot II for AJAX. The statistics were showing as if he was equipped with slot I items - I wasn’t sure if this was a display error or a bug. I left it as it was and when I next returned I’d lost HEAPS of trophies so I assumed AJAX was actually using his attack items in slot I rather than his defence items in slot II. I did a check my running a mock attack on my gate and he was actually using slot I items.

It seems that if you choose slot II (and I assume slot III) for your hero statue, it will ignore that and use slot I.

I found this exact same bug!!!  I use Perseus and for now the work around is to make slot 1 (I) the default defensive mode.  Use 2 and 3 for attack postures.  However, I also noticed that Damage reflection on my hero in slot one was 47% but for the statue it was only 24% this seems like a huge bug!

That’s not a bug. DR is one of the stars where your Gk gets half the % of your hero. Most stats are like that. 

Just after I posted I re-examined the stats and found that many are halfed.  Which sucks, but not life on hit.  Thanks for responding.  

In every slot the combo must be saved ,

Why combo not change