Hero statue

Now we ca not reach 90% physical resistans ?

No. Please read official announcements.

And we can win status with normak hits??

we will see. test it ?


My statue is showing 45% resistance.  I thought it was decided to make it 75%?


nvm, just saw it’s a bug (another one). 

Mine still shows 90%

Hi and my statue is showing 45% after the upgrade.They said that will be 75% .


Perhaps you should read official announcement.You will get the answer to your question there.:slight_smile:

And my state still 90,and for those people tell us see office news first,for my situation,I go to see which news first b4 I report it.plz tell me.

You have to download the new version. 


Or or you can not do that and keep your old statue!

and btw, @CaptainMorgan, when you issue the version to fix the 45% resistances on statues, you should probably make it mandatory for players to download it. Right now you really can just not download the new version, which is only a nerf, it doesn’t add any thing for veteran players, and keep your old “bugged” statue. 

This issue is now fixed,I guess as my stats are now showing right with version 4.0.4

Yes, we will be making it mandatory. This was the reason for needing a “prep” update for 4.0.4.