Hero strength based on hero level

Nowadays more and more videos come out that show a hero level 100- beat a top 10 player, whose defense is filled with special boosts. Just saw a video of a level 98 player beating a top 10 player.

Honestly I personally think that’s abnormal, beating an extremely well forged base, with even runes applied, just because raider uses nemesis pal.

This can be rebalanced I guess, by adjusting damage and health stuff of offense plus defense according to hero level.

Why not adapt health plus damage statistics (hero level is already adapted to it) of offense according to raider vs defender? That should make it harder to beat bases of higher hero level players.

Just divide raider hero level by 130 and do same for defending level of hero. strength and health of troops, spells, pals and guardian should be adjusted by that percentage. For defense, apply the same rules for towers, obstacles, beast and troops. When both players are in same hero level range, for those it would be not noticeable.

An example. A player level 95 raids a max level hero. Offensive strength would be 95/130 (= 72%) and defensive strength would be 130/130 (1) . I bet in this case, it will be hard (but not impossible) for a hero level 95 to beat a level 130 player. But when he raids a level 95 hero, his odds are just like now.

In this situation, raiding higher hero levels would become more difficult, raiding lower hero levels more easy.

Since also nemesis pal deals then 72% damage of max damage and also heal puddles are giving 72% of health back, it would rebalance the game some more. Raiders would need more time to beat a base of a higher player and either run out of time or are killed. I guess that would make it already much harder to beat bases of higher hero levels.

I know it’s still not the way of a correct balance, since it would not prevent beating well forged bases, just due to using nemesis pal, but at least it’s a start.

It’s just a proposal, feel free to respond.

Great View… I would vote this topic, but since the votes have not been release and I have used up all my votes, I apologise for being unable to vote…

But I agree with this idea…


To make it worse, the, with respect, lower hero level even had more than 30 seconds left. There is no excuse in terms of lack of rebalancing that this should ever be possible.

That’s why a reconsideration of holding reckon with hero levels can be a starting point.

I think it is a bad idea, to use player level as justification for adjusting offense and defense strength as you’ve suggested.

a. Technically speaking, player level is derived from player’s XP, a value that is accumulated by attacking, regardless if the attack is successful or not. A max level player can be on any place of the ranking, be it #1 or #100,000.

b. It would make bases of lower level players practically worthless against attacks of higher level players. A level 130 player beating a level 110 player has an 18% offense bonus to the already much stronger offense. That’s completely out of the question.

c. A war season is hard to imagine with such a change. Practically all fights are only decided by player level, aka already decided at start.

IMHO, such a change would kill the game instantly.

Regarding your example, I think, the question is why the top 10 base was beatable. Instead of calling nemesis overpowered, we all need to find out how to create bases that are hardened against nemesis attacks. (It’s possible, I’m sure.) Those bases that aren’t, should not be in top 10.

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I would only like this idea if flare increases the max hero level to at least 150 =D


You realize the impact of another 20 hero levels? When I just increase every next level by 5M, this it means in terms of xp.

At level 130 we would just have scored 48.4% xp in that situation. In my case I would ‘just’ need another 4750M to level up to max, around 5000 raids in xp gear. Would cost me another year for sure, not a problem, but I would need to reestablish my xp gear once again.

I don’t know what then also needs to be changed and the impact of that, rarity of items?

To @thomas239, sure I realize it would have deep impact on war season and conquests, but there they should then do something with the cap that’s now on hero level 95. And that’s another topic. I do appreciate your list, that certainly are good things that need to be considered.

Only point I don’t share is the one of top 10 bases. Then no bases deserve to be in top 10, since the base I was talking about, is one of the best bases out there. and yet even that base isn’t able to be nemesis proof.

It isn’t one of the best bases when it is weak to Nemesis. I’ve encountered bases that can’t be beaten using Nemesis. They were far far far from being top 10, and I think even their owners didn’t know what they’ve created. Unfortunately, these bases were then weak to other beasts, sure, but it showed me that it can be done. The top bases would then be a base that achieves to merge both, hardened against Nemesis as well as against all the other beasts. Unless it can be proven, that such a hardened base against both is theoretically not possible, I think that Nemesis is not overpowered, but one of the coolest moves of Flare to keep you working on your defense. (Instead of lean back and pearl up ad infinitum.)

There is no base that can’t be beaten by nemesis… (there is just trap base for the speed run nemesis user)


You need less stuff the bombs can hit, and more damage hitting the king at once to beat nemesis. Separating him from them with a well placed tower or spike is another option when they have to run ahead. The dragon can do the work for you with a glitch-like thing that happens too often when it refuses to target anything and stands a tile or 2 behind lol.

Hope you are all ready for what a new level cap means, especially if you hit 130 the past year, going against one or teams, that have been storing for up to 6. It keeps going if you didn’t know, so, you want to take the bait your call lol. I’ll be ready for those one sided team battles, will you? Damage and the weakness system needs a fix more.