Hero Tribute! - Writing Contest

Hello Olympians,

The holidays are a time for celebration! - Now is your chance to celebrate your favorite Hero!

Do you admire this hero enough to write an amazing poem or a crazy story that involves him/her?

If so, here is what you suppose to do:

Write a poem or a story about an Olympus Rising Hero you enjoy playing the most!

Follow the rules:

  1. Post the story/poem in this thread.
  2. Only One Entry Per Person
  3. Choose one hero you want to describe
  4. _Post the story/poem till:  7th January 2018  _
  5. _Please attach your in-game name _

 We are aware choosing one story/poem might be difficult that’s why we came up with following categories that will be rewarded:

  • Most Realistic Poem/Story: 700 Gems
  • Funniest Poem/Story: 700 gems
  • Captain Morgan’s Prize: 700 gems

Note _ :  _Every contest participant will receive 100 Gems.

Looking forward to discovering your writing skills!

Your Olympus Rising Team


well Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to say Thank you very much Flare games for making such an amazing game.I usually don’t favor any particular Hero as I find every single one of them strong and Reliable but for the sake of this event I would like to share one of my raid that I did with Achilles(well I would love to write a poem for Achilles but frankly I have no idea how to write good Poem).

Few days back during a three days Alliance wars I was busy with winning battles to get a full score of 75,000 points .So,I send my three level twenty heroes in war to get maximum furies (Hercules,Prometheus And Perseus).I saw a player with more trophies and at much higher ascension level than mine and also his base was filled with divine blessings and war blessings.He was using a combo of phoenix with Apollo tower and Nyxs Tower in Helios light( a combination that I don’t like) and I wanted to takeover that island badly.So,first I send Odysseus but he could not break the gate Of Apollo in time and I lost 8 trophies as a result.Then I send Helen of Troy to win the island again but she died twice on the mission and when she reached the Hero statue,the timer was up.Now I knew If I fail the third that player will be replaced with some other player and seriously I wanted to defeat that Particular base.So finally I send Achilles(his troop setup was Astrapious Griffin,Akhlys Spearman and Trebuchet )and spell setup was (Styx,Bia&Okeanos).during that particular raid I was using defense mode to save Akhlys Spearman from Lapetos tower while Achilles was clearing the path with Astrapious Griffin and of course Trebuchest were deling ith Nyx tower in Helios light.I won that battle with 8 seconds remaining.

Also I would like to share something about Achilles from Iliad by homer named Swift-Footed Achilles(As usual, my personal if you want to come yell at me)

One of the things that strikes even the most casual reader of the Iliad is the frequent repetition of epithets denoting Achilles’ essential quality as a warrior:his superior speed.In view of the oral style of the Iliad,it might appear that this redundancy is nothing remarkable.however I think Achilles’ speed has a significance that transcends the merely descriptive by examining the role of speed as a theme in the denouement of the poem,the development of the hero’s character, and the foreshadowing of extra-Iliadic events.
Achilles’ speed is celebrated by an elaborate epithet as mentioned in the following lines “For Illustrious Swift footed Achilles was lying idle among his ship.”(2.690)


I am witting on Hercules … Don’t make fun of me on my childish poem…?

“I wonder how strong are you Hercules” …

From biceps to triceps ,

From Striping to Solo Tripping ,

From killing to Gate Drilling ,

From war cry to Jackson’s move ,

But you need a little Groove .


You are God of power then what is there to fear ,

Defence that can stop you is still not there ,

Whenever I am in trouble you were always there, 

Dev’s tried to nerf you still you are the best out there , 

Oh Hercules Dear what is there to fear when you are there…


in-Game name  NAPC


My Loins Swell for Helen


As I rise at 3am to alarm ringing in my head, and rise up out of my warm bed.

I know Olympus Rising is to be played. As it is the weekend, wartime, and not getting laid.

My senses heighten as my brain starts to realize. “I will be playing with Helen” says the brain in between my thighs.

 I calm myself as all my love for Helen is spent, and knowing with no gems so I can pay the rent.

Oh Helen I love you so. Even more from my biggest toe.


Conjure up images


Like raping the Earth,

Women and the world

Stripping all things

Human bare

But no 

Subtlety will seduce

Your senses like

Slowly boiling a toad

You’ll come awake

To thee Lord of death, Hades.


In game tag: John_Wick

My Hercules, my hero at war

never let me alone ,so your all I want.

Stay please right by my Side,

so I dont loose my acro.

Where are you, my Ariadne? Where is your magic ball? I’m wandering in the Labyrinth, I’m exhausted without you. My candle fades, weakening, I am full of anxiety And I call for help Wisdom and your strength. There are many roads here, but there is no light and there is no way. It is terrible and difficult in the desert of Darkness to meet. Victims of premature shadows Before me stand. Their wounds gleamed horribly, Their eyes gleamed darkly. The voice of the monster is heard And mutes their moaning. Darkness, insane darkness He demands joyfully. Where are you, my Ariadne? Where is the guiding thread? Only she will help me open the Maze Door.

verse about Ariadne

hello my nickname in the game avi55

Once upon a team there was a king named Odisseas,

and he died bcuz some s.ht hit him. bye bye trophies.




ign: JesusChr4st

Hero: Helen

Game Name: K〽️LGR™



H  ow is this beauty explained

E  veryone curiously watching 

oveful journey 

ncounter are easily affected

atural beauty


As my Perseus dives into battle 

Saying fuck your troops let them be stone

And as his Okeanos consumes your cattle

I’m saying “stop mooing motherfucker, your moo point stands alone”

Hercules your power give me life 

Don’t let go our enemies 

I need your sword 

Show your sword all units. 


Name: hyp. ??

The   first task of Hercules

There were a man,
Who is so buff,
You know he can,
Be more than enough.

You know that he,
Cannot loose,
Because he is,
The son of Zeus

He is so strong,
Without even a mask,
He can’t go wrong,
With his task.

He started off ,
With a lion,
But it was tough
He kept on tryin’.

Was shocked in aw,
He killed it then,
And took his claw,
And wore his skin.


In game name: iyadhh

Like Thetis with Peleus
Apollo stood up on the bright table
of the marriage, and cheered the honeymooners
for the shoot that was burying from their union.
He said: He never touches it
and he will live a long life. - As he said,
Thetis was very pleased, because the words
of Apollo who knew of prophecies
there was a guarantee for her child.
And when Achilles grew up, it was
of Thessaly praise its beauty,
God’s Thetis the words were remembered.
But one day old news came,
and they said the slaughter of Achilles to Troy.
Katie Thetis screamed her purple clothes,
she pulled it over and outstretched
in the soil the bracelets and the rings.
And in the midst of it the old men remembered;
and asked what the wise Apollo did,
where the poet turned to the tables
brilliantly speaks, where the prophet came
when her son killed her in the first night.
The old men replied that Apollo
he himself was in Troy,
and with Troy, he killed Achilles.



Ingame name MrCouPer

Humble narrative on the transformation of a famous mythical hero within the context of Olympus Rising.

First, it was precarious. Required certain ingenuity (Usually in the form of making sacrifices and deciphering the prophetic dreams sent by the Gods), a bit of luck, strategy and exceptional faith. It wasn’t vengeance or the apprehension of such, at least that’s the way he wanted to view it. Repentance was what fueled him, and for his sins he fought. Then it became interesting, less threatening and well beyond any remorse. With the former masters fallen to the new God, the very one they nourished and guided through their edifying practices, his gnarly purpose was corrupted and transmogrified into wickedly palatable lust of gore. Finally, as the power of the former steward and the new sovereign of Mount Olympus grew, the haunted mind of the man expelled the feelings, indifferent boredom rightfully becoming the crux of his soul.

Nemean Lion was a challenge, a worthy opponent tributing its hide to serve the victor. Lernean Hydra followed, its venomous blood making a lethal accession to his arrows, more laborious then threatening though. He extirpated the Boar, eliminated Geryon, expunged the Stymphalian Birds, all of which was at least prudent if not pious. That was back when the Gods were finite and now, simply put, he was a butcher, routinely mutilating thousands of men, hundreds of Minotaurs and Cyclops and tens of Phoenixes and Griffins. He wasn’t merely coated with blood now; he was swimming deep beneath the surface of the gargantuan claret ocean.

He had seen the Garden of the Hesperides and suffered the avoirdupois of heaven on his shoulders. He savored the smut of the Augean stables, clouting the mighty river to disseminate the stratums of defecation. He delved into the underworld and reemerged, leading a formidable monstrosity fierce enough for his master to beg to return it, offering exoneration from service in exchange. That was back when the words clemency, sagacity, and grace had their meanings and now there was nothing but hunger. Interminably, he fought the defenses of other Gods, storming the fortifications previously deemed impregnable, marring everything and everyone in his path, leaving nothing but viscera and havoc, ever victorious and never conquered.

The new overlord had his ways, shifting and shaping the man to sort his needs and desires. The club that once granted him his first triumph gave way to the practical Katar, a weapon that would be recreated in more than 20 centuries by those living elsewhere, having other customs and purposes. The very same monstrosities he carnaged en masse replaced weak and unreliable companions, the later ones becoming legends in some 27 centuries. Luck, strategy, and faith gave way to the mighty conjuring, and omnipotent invocations, the arts that would be lost after the reign of the impish Gods is over.

Quail, for I am the incorruptible manifestation of the blood oath to the Infamous one, the inexorable annihilation that is unavoidable. Relinquish your futile resistance, for I am the indestructible master of war, the dark messiah of the new God, the invincible weapon bringing his vengeance upon you. Flee while you can, for those exterminated will bare no honor or memory, their nugatory lives being lost in history like cruor preceding the scar. Time to die.


P.S. If you managed to hack through this lengthy wall of text disguised as a short story and are still unable to get the hero it is about, google “Labours of Hercules” (without quotation marks).

IGN: Infamоus (о = Russian)

Ajax The Great. Ajax The Great, with an awesome trait. For victory, no need to wait, His spear, seals everyone’s fate.

With his mighty shield, Annihilates everyone on the battlefield. When Storm Spear shall be wielded, Rich rewards and blessings shall be yielded. His wrath shall be unleashed by Frenzy, Which everyone will envy. He catches everyone off-guard with a Whirlwind, Sending them to where they are destined. No one can match his Devour Strength, Nor his spear’s length. Packed with immense energy, he releases his Charge, While enemies have no answers to his barrage. Creating trembles with his Shield Slam, He is on the job with a BAM. His inner rage, Can’t be dispersed even by a mage. His power, unable to gauge, No one has survived his outrage. Slaying the best is his job, He’s deadlier than a mob. He makes hearts throb, If you mess with him, he’ll make you sob. He can take down a tower, Even when in the shower. Such is his immense power, That everyone shall cower. Ajax The Great, Shall always dictate! IGN: KK Star PS: Written such a long poem for the first time ever probably :wink:

In game name Navneetkanaujiya3219


I have no poem i have done it for participation.??

In the sunny vale of Argos, King Acrisius ruled over a brave and warlike people. But he ruled not with justice and kindness; and he was therefore far from happy, in spite of his fertile fields, rich vineyards, and numerous flocks and herds. After many a bitter quarrel with his brother Proetus, he had given up to him the poorer half of the kingdom, and had kept the best for himself.

He had been very cruel to his beautiful daughter, Danae, who, with her little baby Perseus, had been shut up in a room with brass walls: and all because of a solemn prophecy. One day a white-haired old man came to Acrisius and told him that he would lose his life at the hands of Perseus. This made the king feel very bitter toward Danae and the innocent little child, his grandson. Danae" s son was called the Child of the Bright Morning.

He was so fair and bright, though a tiny baby, that the people declared that he was a child of the gods. His sunny smile and winning ways brought no smiles of joy to the face of stern Acrisius, who planned in his heart to send Danae and her child away where he should never see them again. He dare not kill them, for he feared the terrible Erinnyes, who, with scorpions and vipers, scourged those who had offended the gods. So Acrisius placed Danae and her child in a large chest, and set it afloat on the restless waves of the sea. Poor Danae was as helpless as the child asleep on her bosom. She watched the shore until it became a dark line against the horizon, and then, through her tears, she saw only the blue sea and the bluer sky.

She closed her eyes, and Morpheus sent her the sweet forgetfulness of sleep. All night, under a starlit sky, the chest floated gently. The waves rocked it to and fro. It was the pleasant halcyon days, and the winds were still; for in that peaceful season no storms ruffle the bosom of the deep: In the morning the chest grated against the shores of the island of Seriphos. Danae awoke with a heart full of fear. She knew not whether kindness or cruelty awaited them beyond the rushed rocks.

It happened that a brave fisherman, Dictys, had come down to the seashore to cast his net. When he saw the strange boat and its helpless occupants, he hastened to help them out, and to assure Danae that he meant to be kind. “Fear not, lady,” he said; " naught shall harm thee on this peaceful island. But what fate drove thee to the bosom of the deep in this frail boat? Did some one send thee thus at the mercy of the waters? He is worthy the darkest shades of Tartarus who thus cruelly treats a noble lady. For I perceive that thou art noble, perchance the daughter of a king." "I am Danae, the daughter of King Acrisius, who has thus unjustly sent us from his lands.

Good sir, I pray thee let me come into thy house. I will serve thee with diligence, for never yet has Danae eaten the bread of idleness." “We are old, and apt service will be sweet to old age; but as a daughter, and not as a servant, shall ye come,” said good Dictys. So Danae went to the home of Dictys; and full gladly she took up the spinning and weaving which the wife of the good fisherman had put aside because of her failing sight. And the little Perseus brought sunshine and gladness to all. Dictvs was the brother of Polydectes, the king of the island.

When the king saw the fair Danae, he desired her to come and live in the palace as his wife. But Danae did not love the king, arid she knew full well that Perseus would be safer in the humble home of Dictys, so she refused to become the wife of Polydectes. This made him angry, and he began to dislike them both; but they were not harmed by his hatred until Perseus had grown to be a strong and handsome youth.

When he had grown up, Perseus won in all of the games, and far exceeded the young men of the island in the doing of brave deeds. In those days of the long, long ago the bravest youths of Hellas were sent into far countries to prove their courage and endurance. There were strange and terrible monsters to kill, and there were rich and precious gifts of the gods, which were won only by the bravest. So the young men all desired most to be strong; and daring. It was cowardly not to be able to win in feats of strength.

One of the great deeds which all of the young men longed to do was the killing of the Gorgon, Medusa. She lived far away from the peaceful island; but she was the dread of all sailors and fishermen; for oftentimes they were driven by adverse winds into her icy regions, and were frozen into stone by the gaze of her cruel eves. Polydectes planned a way to get rid of Perseus. He taunted him with cowardice, in spite of the daring deeds which he had done, until Perseus declared that he would prove himself worthy by killing the Gorgon. Polydectes was glad, for he was sure that Perseus would never get back.

One night Perseus dreamed a strange dream. He saw a tall and stately lady with a shining face, and a helmet upon her head. In her hands she held a glittering aegis, or shield. " Perseus," she said, “You desire to do a more daring deed than any Hellen has yet attempted. Is your heart brave enough, and your courage great enough, that you dare to face a creature like this?” As she spoke, Athena held up the shield, on which was a face so terrible that Perseus turned pale. The locks of hair were writhing serpents, and out of the eyes glared such a look of hatred and misery that Perseus could scarcely believe that this was a picture of the once beautiful mortal, Medusa, who, because she had dared to compare her beauty and wisdom with that of Athena, had been doomed by the angry goddess to live in a far-away country with two dreadful Gorgons for companions.

“Will you dare to meet Medusa, Perseus?” asked Athena. " Try me, noble lady. I would rather die in a heroic act than remain like a horse bound by a halter’ Then Athena gave him her shield, saying, "You must not look at the Medusa when you find her, else you will be turned to stone. But this is the shield of an immortal, and you can look into it without harm. Hold it thus, and you can. see the reflection of all that is below. "

In the land of the Graeae you will find out where the Gorgons live. Fear not these aged sisters, but be wise and watchful. They only can tell thee. They have but one eye, and their voices are hollow, and their forms unlovely; but be not alarmed by aught which they may say." “I will be brave,” said Perseus. " But, I pray thee, noble lady, how am I to cross the seas without a ship? I cannot build one, for Polydectes would not give me the smallest tree upon his hillsides. Nor will this beautiful aegis be of use. unless there be somewhere a sword which shall match it in excellence." “Thou art far-sighted, as well as brave, Perseus, and dost deserve the best gifts of the gods.”

Then Perseus saw standing beside Athena a young man of noble countenance. In one hand he held a pair of winged sandals, and in the other, a shining sword. “Behold what Hermes has brought. These sandals will take you wherever you wish to go, and this sword can pierce even the metal scales of Medusa. Fear not, out depart,” When Perseus awoke, he found that the dream was not all a dream, for there were the sandals, harp, and aegis. Perseus lost no time in putting the precious sandals upon his feet; and taking the harp, he started at once. 
He felt a strange lightness of body. He started to run, but found that he could float as easily as a bird. Faster and faster he sped over land and sea, until the sunny hills of Hellas were far behind, and the dull, dark mountains of the north country rose before him. At the foot of one of these mountains he found an ice-bound cave. Within he heard the only sounds which broke the silence, the weird songs of the Gray Sisters. There they sat rocking to and fro, and crooning a sad, sad song, while they passed the eye from one to the other. At first Perseus felt sad; but when he heard their words of hatred towards the race of men, he snatched the eye, and bade them tell him where the Gorgon lived. They were eager enough to get back their eye, so they told Perseus that the Nymphs of the Garden of Hesperides, in the far-away land of Atlas, would tell him what he wished to know.

Perseus started at once for the land of Atlas, the Cyclops. It was guarded by a mighty mountain which rose far above the clouds. On the top was the unhappy giant whom Zeus had placed there to hold up the pillars of Heaven. This was so great a task that Atlas had long since grown weary of it. When he found that Perseus was in quest of the Medusa, he begged him to return with it, that he might gaze into its eyes, and be turned into stone. Perseus promised to do what Atlas desired.

He went down the mountain and into the beautiful dreamy garden of the Hesperides. Here he found a wonderful tree upon which hung golden apples. Beneath its richly laden boughs were three of the fairest maidens Perseus had ever seen. Abashed at their beauty, but charmed by their sweet songs, Perseus drew near. Then he saw something which filled him with horror; for, twined round and round the nymphs, and caressing them with its shining folds, was a mighty serpent. Its scales glistened in the sunlight with beautiful colors. Each scale had a pearly lustre, and the serpent’s eyes sparkled like diamonds. Honey was dripping into its mouth from a dish held by one of the nymphs.

When the maidens saw Perseus, they put the serpent to sleep by a magical spell, and came forth to meet him: " Who are you. and for what have you dared to come into the garden of the Hesperides? Are you Heracles, in quest of the golden apples?" “I come not for your apples of gold, fair maidens. I am searching for the Medusa. Tell me, I pray you, when I can find her?” The nymphs sought to keep Perseus in the garden. “Stay with us,” they cried. " Here winter never comes, and the power of Medusa is only a dream that has been half forgotten." When they found that Perseus would not give up his great purpose, they wept and pleaded again in vain. They led him to a high cliff, and pointed to the northward; and they gave him a cap which had the power of making its wearer invisible.

Perseus bade them farewell, and sped on his journey to the heart of the far country where Medusa dwelt. Near the dreary shores, he put on his invisible cap, and rising high in the air, he held the shield so that he could look into it. Far away he saw the terrible creature tossing, restless, to and fro. Beside her, locked in deep slumber, were the two sister Gorgons. Perseus could not but feel sorry for the unhappy Medusa; but he wisely thought that so terrible an existence should end. He drew near, and struck boldly with the sword which Hermes had given him. Looking into his shield, he saw that the serpents had ceased to writhe, and he knew that Medusa was dead.

He threw a goatskin over its head, put it into a bag, and flew toward Seriphos. Onward he rushed faster than ever. Stopping at the mountain of Atlas, he held up the Medusa and Atlas gazed, and became a mighty mountain of stone. Seriphos was still far away; and on and on sped Perseus over land and sea, past cloud-capped mountains and over the dreary desert wastes of Libya. 
One day looking down on a dark cliff, he saw a white image. ’ Perchance ‘tis a god whom the barbarians worship! 1 will go and see," he thought. Perseus found that it was not a god, but a beautiful maiden, whose fair hair streamed in the breeze. She stood upon a rock just above the waves. Her face was full of agony, and her white arms, lifted above her head, were chained to the rock. Perseus was filled with pity and indignation. He flashed down beside her; and when she saw the noble youth, she begged him to loose her bonds. “Fear not, noble maiden. Perseus will gladly help to free you from these chains which some monster has forced upon tender wrists. 
But who are you, and why are you here?” “I am Andromeda,” she replied. “Unhappy that I am! My mother, Cassiopeia, boasted of my beauty, and to punish her, Thetis sent dreadful floods, which laid waste our fields. I am chained thus to appease the sea-gods, and they will send a sea-monster to devour me. Look! even now it comes!” Perseus looked from the fair face of Andromeda to the restless water. Her fear was not in vain; for there, coming rapidly towards them, was a great sea-serpent, from whose wide jaws the water rushed in long lines of foam. Andromeda closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she saw only a long reef over which the waves were dashing angrily. Then Perseus cut the chains which bound Andromeda, and led her back to her parents, who were filled with joy, and readily consented when Perseus asked that he might take Andromeda back with him to his own country. 
It was a glad home-coming; to Perseus and to Danae and the good fisherman. Polydectes had treated Danae unkindly during Perseus’ absence. He had made her work like a servant in the palace, hoping thus to make her humble. Perseus rushed to the palace where Polydectes had bidden guests to a great feast. Standing in the doorway, he heard Polydectes tell with many a jeer how Perseus had gone forth years ago to slay the Gorgon, and had never returned. “Ha! wretched king, thou art mistaken! Wouldst thou, then, see the Gorgon? Behold! here it is!” Polydectes threw himself upon his knees, and besought Perseus to spare him; but even while he was speaking, his body became rigid and cold. So Polydectes and his guests became a ring of stones which are pointed out to this day on one of the faraway islands of Greece.

Well, I found Perseus’ story totally different from the one I knew, so I`m sharing it with all of you guys.  

Cheers and Happy Holidays

IGN: ★彡 Neptune 彡★

‘Princess Ariadne,

Daughter of Pasiphae and Cretan King Minos.

She fell in love with Athenian hero Theseus

With magical thread, defeated Minotaur.’

That’s according to google…


For me,

Ariadne is the wittiest woman in Odyssey.

Her portal easily defeat all enemy.

Bringing with minotaur and phoenix in her side.

She’s indestructible indeed! She’s a female pride!


Amongst men on my gameplay

She easily penetrated every defense of enemy.

All troops she brings and breaks everything on way.

No one is left behind, all force combined!


I broke cursed item for her

Potency, makes her stronger

Just a stash with her double blade

Breaks all towers and barricade.


Just a couple of minute, gate already destroyed

She might not possess long live

But she escaped all harm to death

All war, she joined, all won, enemy defeated!


I do not actually want 700 gems

But beautiful, powerful rare items

She is special to me, so may I request to Flaregames?

Give to me, please… Love you.



_id: manly80x _

_alliance: Reign of Cthulhu _

email add: manly80x@gmail.com



_   _

_ Ariadne is the wittiest woman in the Mount Olympus!”_


_ MON _

Princess Ariadne.docx

in game name : Stucchino


title :

the awakening of hercules

The times of the great Greek heroes and their enterprises are long gone, now become stories written on books that no longer inflame the soul of those who read them, we are in 2023 an era in which technology is now the master of the world. In a small clay school we find a strong teacher of ancient history. That teacher is Hercules. Since he is a demigod in addition to an innate force he also enjoys a slower development than normal human, which allowed him to see different civilizations fall and be reborn. Now tired of fighting lives a quiet life for hundreds of years. But soon this tranquility will be disturbed by a message from his friend Mercury by Zeus. Mercury tells him that the gods are angry for today's civilization. They consider the man of today a slave to money and power, with an ever darker soul. They intend to punish the whole of humanity in an exemplary manner by sending the beasts of the most ferocious Olympus to punish man. Zeus, however, wants to escape this punishment Hercules being one of his favorite sons and has sent Mercury to tell him that hercules to take refuge in the Aeolian Islands, home of Aeolus, the only place that will be spared from punishment. But Hercules refuses and intends to go to Mount Olympus to convince the gods to renounce this madness. but the road to get to Mount Olympus is long and protected by wild and magical beasts. Hercules confronts them with great courage. But facing all the beasts to protect the Olympus gate is a business that goes beyond its strength. Hercules does not make it and after millenius the great hero of thebes dies. The gods seeing the sacrifice of hercules understand that his human part has been able to give him the strength and courage for such a noble gesture and want to give a second chance to the human race. Through the ambrosia the nectar of the gods resurrect the life noble hero, but pose to him the greatest undertaking he will ever have to face: he will have 100 years to turn human civilization back to the ancient splendor of a time when beauty for all that surrounded them, poetry and love were the only important things, if at the end of these 100 years Hercules will not succeed, human civility will suffer divine punishment. Hercules accepts and returns to earth. Thus the greatest adventure of Hercules will begin.

my game name is   :crossed_swords:??Hussam??:crossed_swords:

here is my poem 

Hercules my man 

i am your biggest fan

i send you to battle

and watch you kill and hustle

anyone stand in your face will die

you make the other players cry

i simply won’t believe 

the powers you possesse

when you cast your scylla 

the gates open like a can of tuna ?


English isn’t my first language " there might be some grammar and spelling mistakes "