Heroes now have three item settings

With v4.0, each hero now has three settings which can each hold a different item use configuration. 

The problem with this is if I unequip an item on profile I with the intention of using it in forging another item, it’s not available in my selection list as it’s still linked to profiles 2 and 3. If I don’t want additional profiles for a hero, it would be good to UNEQUIP items so my second and third profiles are empty. 

At the moment, it’s very frustrating when I want to forge and improve items only to have items I no longer need unavailable as they’re linked to II and III hero profiles.

you might wanna give up forging bro :slight_smile:

That setting is only meant for the ancient defender and not for all heroes.If you are trying to equip different item sets on every hero in different slot setup then it is not a good strategy at all.

I only use that different equipment setup on my gate keep while other eleven heroes are using only one set of equipments.


I hope this will help you to use this new feature more efficiently.

with the new forge the 3 settings are:
I crap,
II double crap
III triple crap


  1. Old pre-“fix” good gear

  2. Semi-forged almost crap gear

  3. Newly forged crap gear

I just have my heroes running around nude on #3. It’s very liberating. And erotic.

Hey is that even possible. For all I know there is no option to uneuip item in any of the three sets.

It should to balance for hero instead of 3 set item, it’s too messy up

pls improve for hero

  • Odysseus: change ice-resistance to Poisen-resistance is better, he Use poisen so poisen less affect to him

  • Adrine: she don’t have shield and low health, She need least a resistance like Fire/poisen/Lighting


As was stated in the original post, it would be great to have an UNEQUIP ALL button that will unequip the item from all item slots.  The feature is already there for the accessory slots, so please add it for all items.

Thank you.

You can’t rush it, you have to work your game and make them feel comfy. Odysseus likes chocolate liqueur. 

Dumpster,seriously I am not kidding there is no option to unequip items.Like whatever equipments heroes are wearing in set I are automatically copied over to set 2 and set 3.

So now If I have change something like armor slot then I have to change it in all three sets.Otherwise I won’t be able to use that old armor in forging or for selling.

Have you tried a little mood music? 


This system work really great in RR2 because of the way the items is made. In OR I hate it. So much confusion. That take me like 5 minutes to understand a item was in II and III by default same if I have never touch it. For me just the look is a success in 4.0 but all the rest a big huge fail. Like someone have said eupheuria around for a long time for at final be disappointed

okay,I got your point.

Btw :slight_smile:  Song is amazing.I already listened it twice.

I agree. Having 3 item sets makes equipment management much more annoying. It is nice to be able to have a statue equipped with different items then the same hero used to attack though. Being able to clear out, or “unequip”, sets that aren’t being used would be nice.

Hey all,

Yes, this is definitely not optimal, and we will try to improve the item management ASAP. It is especially crappy that you have to unequip one set at a time, and we will look to improve that.

Hey @CaptainMorgan thanks for looking into this.Might I suggest that second and third euipments sets should be kept empty and let player decide what euipments they want to use.

Right now Whatever settings I have in set I are imported automatically in set II and III.

Having an option to unequip items will be cool instead of replacing it with other item.

For rings you have the UNEQUIP ALL option which unequips the item from all heroes. How about add UNEQUIP options for items along the lines:


It could also be worth adding (though fitting it all in may be a problem): EQUIP ALL SLOTS

You could have for rings: EQUIP ALL HEROES - though now you have slots as well that could be problematic.

You need to tie in the EQUIP / UNEQUIP with rings and with the hero slots.

Is there a reason why we have an  Equip All  button for any item except for trinkets?

Ofc I mean Equip All sets, not Equip All heroes.

The important thing would be a button that says Unequip All that you could hit when you wanted to sell something. Equip All doesn’t solve the problem. I mean it kinda does, but it’s backing into it.