Heroes playstyles

Hey Olympians,

I’ve read very interesting topics and comments about AI and Autoplay.

For each Hero, please choose the playstyle you often  use.

Thanks to @GalaMorgane, I can now publish the poll.

Don’t know about the others but I don’t like autoplay but still use it to lose trophies



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this poll reflect exactly what happen for each Hero. Like prometheus is so slow and weak people control it manually. The majority use them in auto semi mode. Because the AI need help sometimes to cast a power.

@Warriornator Yes, the poll’s purpose is to help the devs to tweak the AI if needed.

Autoplay needs a few options imho, to be more used. One option is to care about “everything” or head for the Gate… this will make the latter, more usable by players to clear their maps, and more effective defenses to have 93 or 91% completion.

Right now, a lot of heros return to kill a unit (from Phoinix respawn) or a turning unit from Nyx. Helen also has additional wearing out of her power on units… its crazy, messes up everything. Its not a logical thing to “choose to lose the battle” over damned 3 warriors coming back to life…

An other option would be if you mind dying… I can afford a death, and most of the time its ok, in order to complete the raid… backing up several times, is if no value, especially at the same corner, due to the same towers (resistance), is also kinda ***** and without tactical thinking of the “win”. We 

And finally, if you want the GK killed or not. Ok not the most important, but really, spending 60 seconds on a GK which is not loosing any health, is completely ***** and you are only doing it because you are not looking.

I dont know how the devs feel about AP and its purpose, but if its there, it should normally be used by almost all heroes effectively. It should be helping users, achieve their goals. You can set your “rules” of AP in the options menu, can’t be changed when attacking. Easy to do, default can be AS IS now, so only those who want will tweak their options and strategy. Makes it much more interesting, especially if you change and mix it up iver different ressons (raid for cash, try to beat GK, get the max spoils at war)

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They should make a fast mode in which it’s not autoplay, just everything fast as in auto, but you’re still the one playinf

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