Heroes' progress

I got it back before the new defense changes, and I was psyched because Ajax was like level 17. But little did I realize that I would never, ever want to play Ajax ever again! Joke’s on me.

Yeah, I was lucky and took the right decision to max him out early back in June.

Did you max Ajax out? I guess at your level all your Heroes are maxed out, right?

No, Ajax is trash now. Mine is still 19. 

Joke’s on you. Trash… can

in July lol I am curious the change I have do since

Hercule : Maxed

Prometheus : 18 (stopped to use him since 8 month or more and since Nyx + Helios hell no)

Perseus : Maxed

Ariadne : 18 ( don’t use her. I don’t like her.Since Nyx+Helios no way)

Odysseus : 18 (don’t use him anymore since many month. Since Nyx+Helios no way)

Helen of Troy : 19 (60%) close maxed 9 ( I have stop to use her but since the forge in 3.7.0 I use her non stop)

Ajax : 19 ( i stop use him because i don’t have forge if stuffs for now)

Cadmus.Jason,Achilles and Athena are low because I don’t them (not because they weak but I don’t have unlock them at full power)

Only Hercule,Perseus and Helen of Troy are maxed because since Nyx + Helios + Phoenix + lapedos Tower combo. You need huge power to defeat those base and if you want to do winning streak you need Hero with 4 power and Titan items. So just few hero can do it

Ascension : 100 (+25)

Trophy : Last time I enter in the game yesterday morning. 5,540 ( +1900)

Dominance : Last time I enter in the game yesterday morning. Around 205K

not bad after 1 year. Far to be impressive but not bad lol

@Warriornator not bad indeed. I think you would be about at the same level (Ascension and Trophies) as me if you had received free video chests…

Yeah but I am on Satellite internet so each time I cannot play it or be like 1 week without play it because a tower is broken due to bad weather in summer or in winter,etc… 2 week I was not able to play it because I was stuck at 3.7.0,etc… so each day I was not able to play make my progress a little slower. At Ascension 100 my trophy,level of heroes and all are back behind so I try to work to improve my stuffs when I can. SO that why some are more developed after just 6 month and mine after over 1 year is behind  

Remember the bug in the game about when you unlock monster island stop your progress in a huge way and still never be fix today. In the past when I have do Cyclop,Hydra,Griffin and Phoenix have stop my opponent to appear totally. You can find some on my topic about this here on the forum. So in the past I played each 2 or 3 days for 10 minutes to defeat only 4 or 5 opponent not much. So all of this slow me in a huge way

in my opinion your progression is very good, if even tomaxo confirms it then there are no doubts


P.S. hi @Tomaxo  congratulations for bringing all the heroes to the highest level

Hi Tomaxo,

How are you?I hope you are doing fine and thank you for inviting me here to share My heroes progress.

Well I started playing this game on 13th August 2017.(Actually this the first time I have played an on-line game.)

As on 17th December 2017

I am on Ascension level 89 with with 253 k Dominance Points, 5337 Trophies and 36,502 Prestige points(Level 21).

Current level of my Heroes are:

2- Current Heroes’ level & gem-unlocked Power/Unit slots + Unique Items:
Hercules 20 (3rd unit unlocked)
Prometheus 20 (2nd power unlocked)
Perseus 20 (4th power & 3rd unit unlocked)

Ariadne 19 (3rd unit unlocked)
Odysseus 18(only 4th power unlocked)
Helen 18 (4th power & 3rd unit unlocked)
Cadmus 17(kinda busy with other heroes,So he is at level 17 since I conquered Phoenix isles) 
Achilles 18(really love plying with Achilles but I think the cool down time on his unique spell is long)
Jason 17
Athena 15
Ajax 17(close to level 18)
Artemis 13(almost spend one month time to unlock her as I busy that time leveling up Artemis tower to level 20 from level 12 when version 3.8 was released)

3- Heroes I have a hard time to level up:

Haven’t found problem with any hero just love using them in Battle.

4- Heroes likely to be sent back to Mt Olympus:
Well despite facing lot of invasion, hardly my heroes are sent back to mount Olympus.

Would like to add one more thing I just love playing this game and found in course of time that every hero is unique in this game And once you know how to you want use them trust me you will love playing with them. Initially I used to struggle with any new hero but after some time get in Sync with them. I do not have any personal favorite hero in this game but rather I Love playing with each one of them.

Thank you for your time to read this post.



Very good and fast progress. I think all your Heroes are prepared for any scenario despite you don’t have any Unique Item yet. ?

We need a Training Camp and fast. With Nyx+Phoenix with a lots of Lapedos Tower its very hard to level them up at Ascension 100+ and now with the worst system of trophy losing -29 each try is too much. So I really hope in future to see something to allow us to level up them more easily

Probably all my heroes who stay below 20 will stay at below 20. I don’t want to risk to lose anymore -29 or -35 just to gain 20k EXP


There IS a training camp! Just use your hero that you wanna level up in an Odyssey and avoid to win a fight. It only costs wisdom and gives extra experience points. Even when you only reach 30% you can win up to 80k XPs.

this disgusting system that causes many trophies to be lost by the attackers is made to force us to use invocations to get more money out of our pockets

I try to beat my old account progress. Interesting to see how fast I can be. My previous was very worst

in 4 days only

Ascension : 21

Hercule Level 11

Prometheus Level 10

Perseus Level 10

Ariadne Level 2

buidling around level 4

Celestial Boost Level 2

in 7 days only

Ascension : 29

Hercule Level 12 (close 13)

Prometheus Level 11 (close level 12)

Perseus Level 11 (close level 12)

Ariadne Level 9 (close level 10)

building :  level 5-6

in 12 days only

Ascension : 34

Hercule Level 13 (close 14)

Prometheus Level 12 (close 13)

Perseus Level 12 (close 13)

Ariadne Level 12 (close 13)

Odysseus Level 7

Celestial Boost Level 5

Building Level 5-7

in 21 days only

Ascension : 39

Hercule Level 14

Prometheus Level 14

Perseus Level 14

Ariadne Level 13

Odysseus Level 11

Ajax Level 4

Celestial Boost Level 9

Building Level  6-8

in 30 days only

Ascension : 47

Hercule Level 15

Prometheus Level 14

Perseus Level 15

Ariadne Level 14

Odysseus Level 13

Ajax Level 10

Celestial Boost Level 9

Building Level  7-9

in 40 days only

Ascension : 51

Hercule : Level 15 and half

Prometheus : Level 15

Perseus : Level 15 and half

Ariadne : Level 14

Odysseus : Level 13 and half

Helen of Troy : Level 9

Ajax : Level 12

Celestial Boost : Level 10

Building Level : 7-9

(I have lose some time the 4.0 make me lose a little interest because of the Forge Nerf) and my Celestial Boost is not activated.

bump for new players

Do you still park your heroes on small islands with your new account?

Yes. You gain less resources but at least your heroes don’t return to the Mount Olympus. Maybe just 1 (Lower Level)

Ascension  114  fame 9924

Hercules level 20

Perseus level 20

Prometheus Level 20

Ariadne Level 20

Odysseus Level 19

Helen of Troy  level 18 about to reach 19

Cadmus level 19

achilles level 18

Jason level 18

Athena level 17

ajax level 18

artmeis level 17











@audigy2zs Since when did you start playing?

3 years