Is he taking a break? Not posting and his King has gone inactive days ago.

He decided to stop playing maybe he will return maybe not, however this topic is about his last farewell http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/6445-some-random-guys-unimportant-quitting-thread/

I kinda miss his comment

Lol :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. Don’t read the off topic forum so had missed it. I hope he returns after a break.

Honestly speaking, I’m slowly dying out as well. It’s like having to attack hundreds of times, just to level up and feel no difference in raiding whatsoever…


“Like oo +100hp +10 Damage +80 Morale !!”


That’ll help against 3 Maxed Elite boosted Ogres followed by 2 Maxed Elite boosted Werewolves…

…While being blasted by Maxed Elite boosted Frosters, FFA, Mortars and Ranged Bombers…



Getting harder and harder to win now…  :slightly_frowning_face:


Even when played skillfully  -_-