Heroic scream does not work correctly!

I noticed that the heroic scream does not work correctly. I know that scream should eliminate all the effects of stun, fright, slowdown, but this does not always happen. That is, if I applied a heroic scream after the shot of the Lightning Tower, my troops should immediately wake up and follow me, but this does not happen, why ?! Rather happens, but not instantly as it should be, but with a delay of a few seconds! And why when several Lightning Towers shoot, and the shot happened immediately after the activation of the heroic scream, my troops are stunned ?! After all, the cry lasts about 6.8 seconds and during this time the army can not be stunned! Please check this, thanks!?

Lightning Tower’s shot is different from the stun you are used to know, that’s why troops even under the effect of Hero’s Scream cannot be removed from an electrified status.

I’m glad it was done like this, or else the Lightning Tower would become even more useless at lower trophies 

That’s the main point of why Lightning Tower was created. To work in a different way than the usual damages/effects we were used to see.

Thanks for the reply oPelle! But how to deal with this electric stupor??

Since troops suffer a lot if they get electrified (because they remain immobilized for 3sec (max lvl of LT)), they can die in this way from other towers/troops; it is better if you use your hero as bait to make them release the charges. Use firestorm or bladestorm to destroy them quickly from opposite path. or hammerstrike if you’re close to them.