hero's statue in center of castle

Should the league statue in the center of the castle change to match your hero gear?

   (not in color, but in shape?)

er, why exactly? Noone but you can see it. Waste of programming.

because the flags on the alliance tower change with your alliance; so why not your king statue with your king?


also, there is really no programming involved. all it requires is more overlays for the 3d images (assuming they programmed it the way i think they did).

Well some programming will be involved anyways! :grinning:

And after all, it’s a statue, so why should it constantly change clothes to match your hero? If you want to change it, well, make it bigger and more epic over “time” (hero level or sth similar), but not “just” change clothes… or just make it customizable separately (e.g. choose between some different designs).

but i thought it was supposed to be a statue of your king… and, like i said, " the flags on the alliance tower change with your alliance; so why not your king statue with your king?"

Sure, but 1. while you can hiss different flags and banners at any time, your workers are probably busy enough even without having to carve a new statue out of a piece of rock everytime you decide to dress up in a new way! :grinning:

And 2. what would it be worth? Others can’t see the statue and you already know how your own king looks and probably don’t spend that much time watching your own statue (I guess?). And in the profile preview, your king already serves as a living statue to anyone interested in you - and I’d say he does that pretty well. So why copy the original? :grinning:

i just thought that it might be something that other players might want, although looking at the poll results, i suppose i might have been wrong  :grinning:


these are really strange poll results… not at all what i expected… 

Interesting voting pattern indeed! :wink:

Though, taking into concern the statue doesn’t influence gameplay and alliances just came about and made everyone be excited about that, it’s not that surprising after all. Still, thanks for bringing up the suggestion to discuss it! :slight_smile:

Probably the alliance flag is just needed for reminding you “hey, there’s alliances!” as everything else in your castle belongs solely to you and is independent of your alliance or any other players? And, to create some visual impression of “belonging together” in the same alliance by sharing the same crest.

Actually, I can understand the poll now. As many people didn’t care as did care (whether positive or negative); but because of the alliances, people were so hyped up and excited that this did not seem important at all.