Héros Xp

GUYS What’s It The Best Strategy To Lvl Up Ure Héros Fast 

Odyssey. Clear the map then fail in front of the gate

  • Keep activated your Celestial Boost and level it at level 25+ to have like +60% Hero XP. (if you want to spend some money in the game for spend gems to max all decoration) Your Heroes at level 20 in 20 days or less

  • During Odyssey unlocked at level 20 keep playing and try and try again the same island and retreat during all the week. Thursday you do the 5 adventures

but for free just with the +20% Hero XP in 40 days you can level them all at level 16. Possible to do it in less than 30 days if you keep always 24/7 the celestial boost activated


Isn’t it +40%?

Another good answer is from @AlterPapi here:


Thank u Guys Odyssey Is The Best Idea Yeaa I’m Working To Lvl Up Prestige I’m Now Lvl 24 And I’m Working To Make It 25 

at level 2 you have a +20% Hero XP and at level 25 +40% Hero XP. So in theory if they stack make +60% XP

Celestial boosts don’t stack.

Nope it never add up to existing bonus rather replaced.Like 20% becomes 40% not 20%+40% = 60%.


Anyways the best way to level up heroes is make non stop raids( like 20-30 raids ).I have been playing Olympus rising since August last year and all my heroes including Artemis reached level 20 way back in January this year.

And trust me game feels boring and dull once your all heroes reach level 20 and it is not hard to do so.

Just level up three heroes to level 20 for Allegiance wars and then level up your other heroes slowly.Also try to leave one or two heroes at level 19(don’t level them up to 20.)Choose heroes that you don’t like playing with and keep them on islands closer to mount Olympus. So that whenever you lose your low level heroes will be send to mount Olympus : )

ok thanks. I was not sure