Hey devs 6 days until conquest, what are the new rewards?

With only 6 days left until the next conquest, it is difficult to build up hype again for your community involvement and alliance when the carrot on the stick is no bigger.

I don’t think many members would spend gems upgrading conquest buildings or gold on alliance stronghold while running out of time to get ready for rewards that they have no idea about, while we were told would be revealed before the next conquest.

I’m sorry if I sound impatient, but looked at the time and would love to encourage my alliance members to upgrade their quarries and encourage my other generals to upgrade stronghold in order to fight for the last tier. If I ask them all to do so and create false hype based on being told we would have more rewards announced near next conquest, they would only be disappointed further.

No hype means no money for flare, help me help you by creating hype in the community again and so I can do my job as a general to create involvement and participation.

The clock is ticking, thank you. Looking forward to next conquest and would love to create hype in your communities.

The rewards that you get from the Conqeust are based on the tier that the alliance is in. The tier is based on the average of your last 3 Conquest scores. For instance, look at the picture below. These are the max rewards we, at Alpha Guard, will be able to receive!

No there was a pretty big complaint that conquest was not worth it at all. There was a dev thread made saying they would increase the reward closer to the 2nd conquest, which hasn’t happened yet. We are left waiting for an answer currently: 


Ah, that’s what you’re referring to. Well, we still have 6 days to get an update, so let’s just wait for that. But I agree that it would be helpful to know what we are working towards in this upcoming Conquest

Well… From the point of view of a team, the pal chests are good. Every team member gets a number of pals, so a few hundred pals can be donated to get closer to upgrade beasts to make them stronger. That reward is good.

The other rewards are just a little bit low for individual players. A few k pearls and a very low amount of gems are not good as reward, plus the few very common uber items are also not considered as have won the beauty price for 8 days of hard labor. 

I think the skulls need to be removed from cof and rewards during conquest must be better. Gold during a war raid should give amount of gold 250k+ minimal or cof should give three rewards instead of trying to get gems to get 100- skulls, that will not influence the outcome in most situations.