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What’s up my fellow RR2 comrades!


Some of you may have noticed that there is now a separate forum at the main forum page for Superweapon and Flaregames new RTS, Dawn of Steel. This game is absoluetly incredible, and if you are/have been a fan of CoC, this game for many reasons tops it. 


From flaregames: Command a powerful force of mechanized walkers and crush enemy bases in Dawn of Steel, an action-packed real-time strategy game. Your combat skills alone determine the outcome of the battle. Establish your base and defend it with all your might against attacks from other players. Use direct controls to command your units during combat, and organize your defenses to best exploit the enemy’s weaknesses. Intuitive swipe commands let you unleash powerful attacks from your Rigs with a flick of your finger. Dawn of Steel is the highly awaited first game from hot game studio Superweapon, a small team of veteran Command & Conquer developers, and is designed exclusively for iOS. Experience Dawn of Steel: A gorgeous world with stunning FX rendered in full 3D Fine-tune your attacks with direct unit control Intuitive swipe mechanics for devastating special attacks Four powerful Rigs with wholly unique abilities Hundreds of different customization options Unlock and conquer new territories across a dynamic world Build the perfect base, balance your defenses, and crush your opponents in the race to conquer the planet Leviathan and mine the mysterious energy source Plasma is on! Take control of immensely powerful mechanized walkers called Rigs as you raid enemy bases, and claim their resources as your own. Gain the upper hand by customizing and upgrading your forces to suit your own style of play. Expand your control over the planet, as you unlock new territories to conquer. Download Dawn of Steel for free and play now!


Sounds pretty awesome right? Watch this behind the scenes video:




The game is absolutely beautiful with next generation mechanics and stunning graphics. The game officially launched out of the beta last week. If you have not tried out this game yet, you _must. _To support superweapons and flaregames and enjoy the game. 


Check out the Dawn of Steel Forums which is now linked at the default forum page on the site for more info and to discuss the game or any questions you have. 







No thanks, as if RR2 isn’t catastrophic enough… -.-

Don’t worry Scorpio, if people really want to take a look of the other game Dawn of Steel and its forum they go there.

after war im leaving flaregames behind…dont think i can handle another mess from them

No Thanks, I’d rather find a new more interesting and addictive game in another company…

Think of dawn of steel as a new start, to revise from old mistakes. They form there updates based off of what the players want. 


You guys are entitled to your own opinion about the company, and I hope you can move past the mistakes they have made and be excited for the future of their new game and with that there new beginning. If you do not want to try it, that is ok! But does not hurt to give it a chance. 






man…  They just gave us a steaming pile to digest over the weekend.  They don’t listen to us, they work M-F 8-5PM German time and leave us in a mess throughout the weekend.  They never ask for feedback on future changes.  This company has all the answers, they just aren’t ones to questions we’ve asked or with little, to no experience with how their game works.


There are a few mods that have been good and I have good experiences with their support, but the back end of this company I’m not sure I can ever get behind again.


You can see we’re a little bitter, so now probably isn’t the time to defend them :slight_smile:

Hahaha tried all their games… Easily they are ruining everything… No thank you… Go play alone

Not a chance, I’ve seen where RR has headed, its only a matter of time before DoS follows.

No thanks, no use of software edited by Flare anymore…

Hey everyone,


as you might know, Flaregames is a Publisher and this means every game is created by a different game studio from around the world.

I’d say, give each game a chance on it’s own! :slight_smile:

When Flaregames(Publisher) will refund all mi investment( loss caused by their mistakes) will be a pleasure:) since then…again, no thank you.