Hey guys!

Hey there, so I’m AwesomestKnighest, you might’ve seen me around the forums quite a bit, but I’m happy to announce that I am now joining OR to play with you guys!! If you guys could lend me some tips and tricks to hold on to that would be great!! I’ll see you guys around, have a great day!!

Don’t rush to upgrade your gate of Apollo. It gives you more (level 1) towers/barricades at the cost of clock. And it always levels you up. Don’t be afraid to have a high level temple and defense with a low level Gate. 

1.Up the Siren at Level 18 or Max before Ascension 75-80. Easy win at 100%. No lose for me. focus only on Siren,Trebuchet and Medusa

2.Try to keep activated Celestial Boost for extra bonuses at least for Heroes Level XP+20%

3.try to learn by heart Weakness of each towers and units :

Minotaur : ice (Siren and Poseidon Tower)

Ogre : Poison (Medusa and Hydra Tower)

Hydra : Fire (Pysphoros,Talos and Lapedos Tower)

Castle Gate : Fire and Ice (Siren,Talos,Okeanos)

4.Focus only on Talos and Okeanos. Level them at level 13+ before reach Ascension 70.  

watch my video for more info and help

If you up Siren,Trbuchet,Medusa,Minotaur,Talos,Okeanos,Siren and Damocles at level 13+ No base can stop you

If they are enhanced at 5% and more. You will be unstoppable same without any boost

5.Ascension 1 to 20 Green items are enough

   Ascension 20 to 40 Blue items are enough

   Ascension 40 to 60 Eternal are enough

   Ascension 60 to 80 Godlike are enough

   Ascension 80+ titan are necessary

Are you continuing with your old account or starting a new one?

I remember you posted some walkthroughs last year:


*out of reactions* :wink:

@Tomaxo, no, I’m just gonna go ahead and start over. I spent my gems unwisely and I was low level anyway. I’m gonna resume making my OR videos once I get back to where I was :slight_smile:  

Actually nevermind @Tomaxo, I just logged in and my account was right there!! I guess I’ll continue with my videos!!!

Ha, wise choice, as Monster Islands are now a lot harder to beat compared to a year ago.

@AwesomestKnightest Main advise is given by dumpster above. Some little adittions I myself found inetersting:

  1. Find yourself a clan that has blessings. The higher it is in war - the better, as it is mandatory now to be high to have war blessings (and the difference between wbs and not is massive especially when you have just started)

  2. Ignore defenders, they are pathetic. Smash the gate and save yourself the nerves

  3. Play on the PC if you want control over heroes, much easier to micro with arrows

  4. Never ever forge. Not the way it is. Just open them chests and see what comes your way

  5. Ercole = Hercules

  6. Look for cats. Esp of the ninja type.

Join my team,It has almost all blessings and it is run by a friend of mine.

Do you use line app?

I can provide you my line ID in Pm. There ask me anything about the game and I will help you with some nice little tricks Defense layout, item customisation etc.

What’s your IGN @AwesomestKnightest?

I will send you the invite

I’m AwesomestKnightest haha @HOLYDIVINE

What’s the name of your team?

This is the team

Join there and Don’t worry about Donation or anything.

Just stay active and play the wars

Okay, will do! Thanks!!

It says “Level Too Low”, so I guess I can’t join right now?

No problem, I just ask my friend to send you the invite for it 

Just join from that invite.

Also , this is your account right?


Yep, that’s me :grinning: . It’s that one of a kind name :wink: