Hi can you make one more slot of Wardrobe??  Thx

Hi can you make one more slot of Wardrobe?? 


There another space for forth slot

Same 4 slots its not enough : Farmer set,Leadership set,Gold Set,Skulls Set,Scream Set,Start morale Set and so on

lol we need like 10 Wardrobe slots at least

Yeah, maybe they could add a couple more wardrobe slots in the future, but for now we can be happy for this change :slight_smile:  

Personnaly, I’m ok with three. I got my Gold suit (finally got all 9 items gold boosted !), War suit and Ninja/Zombie Suit. I don’t really need much more than that, after all it takes up 22 slots in my inventory. But if adding a few more slots satisfy some. Why not.

If they add more slots, those will probably cost gems.  

Hushhhhhh, you give wrong ideas to Flares…

Agree. I use only 2. Gold set and Combat set. Gold set never changes. In the combat set, individual items can be changed easily, according to your opponent’s base or your current boosted troops.

Hey, until now we have done it all manually and were ok with it.

to be honest I don’t use the preset actually. We have done it manually since 2 year and we are fine. I did again manually when I change my stuff

These are my 3 gear sets -

  1. Normal Gear

  2. Gold Gear

  3. Nothing to do so Worst Possible Gear.  :wink:

I really like the new feature and use it permanently for:

A) luck / gold gear
") gold gear
C) fighting gear + everything else

So if i need little gold and want pearls, i take luck/gold gear for gold and pearls (directly in CoF or from items).
If i need lots of gold, i use the gold gear (luck items changed to gold). In war or dungeons i start with the
fighting gear and variations. But i’d like to have a fourth slot for regularly used XP gear, which is a complete
different thing …