Hi, does ice damage on my sword give more power when i use bliz spell

Hi, does ice damage on my sword give more power/damage when i use bliz spell on skrull towers or grago towers?



So how come that Sb damage help destroy castle gate faster if u have blunt damage on sword?

Are you certain that it was faster? Maybe test it without having your king hit the gate, just SB

From what i’ve always known spells damages are a thing aside from damages on weapons. I mean if i have blunt damage on my sword, this blunt damage is only for my king and it isn’t linked to spell damage (in this case: sonic blast that have blunt damage) in a way that the 2 damages add each other to create a unique blunt damage, so same thing as start of this topic ice damage on sword isn’t linked to blizzard.


Also because otherwise in the info of your weapon or gloves there had to be written: “adds ice damage to your weapon and spell” or at your arsenal thing that there isn’t.

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Because ur sword is dealing damage of its own!

Castle gate is weak to blunt damage.

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Opelle give good answer but not enough for future players who look for a clear answer. ( People can see my video on my Youtube channel in May. I have do a video on that)

If you have a sword with 327 normal attack and 170 Blunt Damage. If you test it in your defense you gonna see this weapon do huge damage because Blunt its the weak of all buildings in this game. If you look your spells stat you gonna see the damage still in Black

However, If you have Sonic Blast Perk in your Helmet when you choose your spells before attack you will see the damage of Sonic Blast are now in Green and up a little bit

Now if you have a sword with 350 and 230 Ice damage. If you test it in your defense you will see Ice damage is the most weak after poison. that slow Towers but don’t du huge damage and make you lost maybe 30 seconds in a raid

If you have a sword with 334 and 236 Fire damage. If you test it in your defense you will see fire damage its equal or close to Blunt damage because : maybe 70% of units,tower are weak against Fire

If you have a sword with 320 and 260 Normal. If you test it maybe don’t look strong but if you test it carefully normal its the most dangerous perk in this game because if you have 320 and 260 normal bonus. Its like a sword with 580 attack and no bonus

and you have the most weak one : 340 with 230 poison. If you test it its the most weak in this game because no Tower are weak against Poison. Maybe useful if you are a low players between level 1-40 and face paladin base

If you want up damage of spells you have 2 options :

1.later when you are enough strong and have equipment level 100+ transform them in Uber and if you are lucky can have spells perk

2.Spell level 8 you can boost it and some spells like Blizzard allow you to up his damage

The glove exactly the same like sword

I test all combination and the most dangerous its Normal-Normal follow equal or close Normal-Blunt and follow by Normal-Fire

for me don’t use poison or ice