Hidden Additional Damages

im wondering about how some units are doing way more than the stated amount of damage, what are the hidden additional damages? and is there any chance that these amounts can be more specific? examples:


cannons 394 damage but deals around 2k? vs buildings ogres 495 damage but takes around 1/5 of my kings 12k hp. bladestorm instantly destroys blockades despite being just normal attack mortar 216 damage but deals more than that in residual damage same for snake tower  

maybe the ogre damage in the description was wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same question too. Its not easy to understand the mechanics. Also, what is the ratio of damage w.r.t each damage?


I dont think 1 normal = 1 piercing = 1 fire = 1 blunt = 1 frost = 1 poison.


There should be some clarity on these things.


This is very important for Gear especially. How to choose the a sword that has 100 blunt vs 100 frost or 100 normal vs 100 poison assuming main attack is same?

I agree about this. Cannon is absolutly strong for tower. My 3k health tower destroyed by one shot of cannon .It is odd

I think I read somewhere that the values are damage per second. That could explain it.

So slower units would deal out more damage in a single strike/shot.

make sense,thats true i thought,

You need to account for the weakness of the target too.

According to this: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Cannon Canon does a total of 1940 damage.

Towers have 100% weakness = Total damage of 3880. Correct?

I am about 90% certain that the damage listed in game is damage per second (or some other normalized damage per time value).  That is the only sane way you could compare a cannon which shoots every 5 seconds with an arbalester who shoots every 0.25 seconds. 


When you factor in that most structures take 2x damage from a blunt, you get maxed cannons doing about 4K damage per shot.


Now it is very clear that there are some additional things going on above and beyond which will tweak damage in specific cases.  For example bladestorm should tear through paladins because they are weak to normal damage, but it doesn’t really kill them very fast.   Bladestorm shouldn’t tear down barracades as quickly as it does.   Swordrain shouldn’t really be able to kill gargoyles (who resist piercing), but it does.  There are a few others odd ones as well.  Because the game doesn’t ever provide specific damage numbers I have no way to experimentally determine these edge cases.


Note about the Wiki posted by Ronny:  Someone managed to data mine extra stats on the units (such as their attack rate, in some cases extra resistances or weaknesses not displayed in game).  This is how we extrapolated the damage per shot on units.  Unfortunately I don’t know how to data mine those values on the new units or even check if the existing units still attack at those rates, so the values on the Wiki should be taken with a grain of salt.  (If anyone does know how to get that data, please let us know or update the Wiki yourself)

Where spell damage is not labeled “instant”, it is Damage Over Time (DoT).  In that case, the value listed under “Damage” is not total/aggregate damage over the spell duration, but Damage Per Second (DPS).  The total potential damage dealt by any DoT spell is “Base Damage Value * Duration”.  


For example, Sonic Blast Level 6 deals 4657 blunt damage for 3 seconds, or 13971 blunt damage.  A max level skull tower at 26,000 HP with a 100% weakness to blunt damage is destroyed by exposure to a full SB6, with 1942 blunt damage left over.  


Weakness and Resistance values to specific types of damage will add a multiply or divisor to a unit/defensive structure’s base HP.  


That said, descriptions aren’t always straightforward or strictly accurate, which can lead to confusion.  A recent example is when the Snake Tower’s damage _specific to the hero alone _was buffed weeks ago. However, because it wasn’t a global buff (i.e., it didn’t apply to troops), the Snake Tower’s damage stat was left unchanged in the tooltip.  As a result, the Tower’s DPS was selectively stronger, though it’s stats were not updated (this may have been rectified with yesterday’s update, btw).  


If this tower’s capabilities and listed stats became skewed, it’s possible there are other disparities on towers, troops, spells, etc.  

Snake tower max eats almost half of my life in seconds… 12k hp.

Cannons deal 400 per sec times around 4secd 1600 supposed damage. When my hero takes damage from cannon it’s not that much?

They have some hidden damage resistance and weakness such as when you use Bladestorm or Sonic Blast to Paladin and Blockade.

cannons are used to destroy things , a human wearing full armor protection made of strong metals won’t get any fatal injury from being hit by cannon ball because it cannot penetrate human body.Snake tower meanwhile have poison , of course human cant survive or do very well when poisoned.At least thats how it is logically.Oh and cannon ball doesnt explode.

saw the experiment on tv actually , about cannons bombs sword poison and others haha , science

:confused: then fire will immediately kill the king if we will follow your train if thought…

I totally agree… blade storm is too weak for unit especially paladin.

Paladin has weakness for normal damage, but they stand full blade storm;;

i always thought that paladins were the best…  :wub:

Paladins are garbage. Never used them


They’re good… for low and mid rank player.

If Mortar doesn’t be raised to max level, Using Paladin instead is also a nice choice.

Start of the game til 3k I used knights.

Agreed with kipps, waist of gold upgrade