Hidden Additional Damages

Ogre vs mummy. Ogre deals shitload 495 listed vs mummy deals minimal 565 listed damage. :confused:


What about defense?


For offense I use at start and present but at the middle I use Paladin, because my King don’t strong enough to solo again each tower, there are full of Bomb Tower which kill most of Knight instance and never found Mortar or Snake Tower in each base, so Paladin is fine too.

Paladin for initial waves then eventually removed them once mortars came into the picture. Attacking start to 3k,

Knights are better.


Like I said, didn’t it?

The transition from paladin to mortars is fairly quick lol barely used paladins

I don’t think that quick.

If you aren’t hardcore player, using Paladin is still need for a time or until you bore and stop to play RR.


Even raise Castle Guard to have enough Moral point to put many Mortar instead of Paladin still need hard work. So using Mortar and complete ignore Paladin is for Hardcore player or Pay to play player which raise their base quickly. But for slow and steady type, Paladin still need.

One of the biggest hidden dmg source is definitively the snake tower. It can’t proof it but I have the strong suspicion that the poison shield doesn’t work with snake towers.


I’m not complaining, I like the idea of making more towers useful especially in the endgame but the info section is just outdated and misinforming ^^


Snake Tower is buffed to deal more damage to our King.

Maybe it’s too strong until look like poison shield don’t work.

 the tower which really needs to be buffed is the frost tower!

Uh no? Never used them for offense, only few waves of defense before.


I used Paladin when found it’s too complicate to control micro scale to keep Knight alive.

That’s time Knight is both Tank and Damage dealer for me, I can call Cannon just 2 or 3 per match. Even Knight I can’t call them often or much enough to make them become main Troops, and if they encounter Pyromancer all of them die.

Then, I found Paladin is better, they can stay alive until reach Castle Gate without micro control.


Until coming of Mortar, I try to ignore base with them until my king can withstand attacking of Mortar. Then I change Paladin back to Knight.