Hidden Gem

I just reached lvl 40 and my castle is lvl 5/6 split, so I still consider myself new to the game,

I clicked on a place on my inside castle wall and discovered some hidden gems.

the wall sort of squeaked when i clicked on it, a few more clicks and 3 gems appeared

just like coins above a tavern or bread above a barn.

I took a screen shot and pointed an arrow to the spot that squeaked.

from now on I am clicking on things inside my kingdom more often :slight_smile:


Yep, you’ve found the squeaky house. That house will give you one gem every day. That’s the only hidden thing inside the castle, really cool feature though, glad you found it for yourself  :grinning:  

Nope, there’s at least one more Easter Egg inside the castle.

Check it out here:


That silly person says that he gets 3 gems daily.

No, he said he got 3 gems, but that was the first time. When I first found it I got 2 gems

I can’t believe I forgot that, I even made a video about that one…lol, you’re right about that

It’s alright.

It’s just an Easter Egg for fun after all

I got only one for the first time and even after that.