High level Ceres POW Guide - the combo conundrum

This is a guide for Ceres users to attempt 100% gate. If 100% isn’t important, then this guide is absolutely useless (you’ll understand why shortly).


As most high level players already know, gargoyles are weak to Bladestorm. However, during war, it can become a difficult thing to incorporate Bladestorm as part of the combo for 100% gate. Sometimes, we need Shield. Sometimes, we need Bladestorm.


Yes, we need to be versatile. We need to make a judgment call at the preview before the raid to decide. Sometimes, there are gargoyle towers, but not enough that we actually need Bladestorm. We can still use Shield and let our Ogres and Paladins kill those gargoyles. Here’s an example where the preview shows we can still go with Shield even though there were gargoyle towers:-




Sometimes, the preview shows that we need Bladestorm instead. Here’s an easy preview that shows gargoyle towers without any skull towers, thus, the call to equip Bladestorm instead was an easy one.



HOWEVER, making the judgment call can be difficult at times. Shield is needed when there’s skull towers. Bladestorm is needed when there’s tons of gargoyle towers. When a base has a mix of both, then you need to make a tough call as to whether you want to protect yourself from skull towers more (Shield) or gargoyle towers more (Bladestorm). This means that you need to be ready to change combo according to what you see on the preview.


Why not have both Bladestorm and Shield equipped? Sure… then you’ll have to give up Pal Flute, which is way more valuable as a Ceres user, or give up Hammerstrike, which is almost a necessity for 100% gate. If 100% is not a concern, then you can just go with Shield Bladestorm Pal Flute.



While this combo does not guarantee 100% gate all the time (due to the need for precision in casting hammerstrike in between top corner and bottom corner towers together), it DOES provide the possibility to do so.


Nevertheless, if a particular match is super important, the combo can still be used with one Armageddon scroll at the gate to guarantee 100% without the need to stress for such precision on hammerstrike.



I do not have Ceres, though I have started working towards him. These guides will make more sense to me once I have him. Guides are always helpful, thanks for this Lacuna!

Could you please put on game sounds with video. Or may be add any non copyrighted music with it. Cause without sound it doesn’t feel right to me.

Lol it was intended to make the file smaller, but sure, for videos meant to be posted in the forum I’ll record with sound next time.

I also don’t have it. I am also working towards it. We both have many things common.

As always, fantastic videos. It reminds me on your wise lesson, to build an army first and not rushing forward from the start. 

Working on flute right now, need to forge battle cry effect way more, but it’s already working great. When 100% isn’t required, which guardian would you suggest?

Donkey is less useful, since we don’t need the extra morale with Ceres. Am in doubt between sled and sultan. 

I am now experimenting with Ceres, flute combo, need to forge flute some more for sure, but I have prepared cool down stat somewhat and forged beast shape somewhat upward. At my level it works already pretty good. So a lot of work to do there, but it’s fine, I have time.

At the moment I use shield and heal spells with it. Heal I am seriously in doubt with, could be that another spell would be better. At least the ghost troops are also getting max health pretty fast and for me it works. Still I feel bladestorm or hammer would be better (instead of heal).