High level king gear?

What do I have to aim for. Like 10k leadership 10k health 1000 attack


What is a good stat for  helmet/cape?  like 2000 points each.


Same with body armour/pouldrons and other items. Kinda wondering what the top 10 people’s gear is like, roughly.



Look at some of the screen shots lower down in this post to get an idea.  That said, level 100+ is out of reach for virtually everyone not willing to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars/Euro/etc on this game.  Someone estimated that it would take playing 100 raids a day for a year to get from level 80 to 100 (and since 20 raids is more realistic, make that 5 years although the recent leveling changes have probably eased that up a bit)

Top 10 are not all like those, 12k leadership, 15k health and 130 attack should get you there.


For me level 80 king should be high level king , thats roughly around 10k leadership , 13k HP and 1000+ attack.My level 74 king have 8k leadership (with oudated ring and belt from level 50+) 11k HP (outdated pauldron) and 900 attack stats.Current king and base could take me as high as top 250 only.

WOW! Some of those stats are amazing! Over 20k health ~17k leadership and nearly 2k for attack. I feel like such a noob. Cheers for answers.

You do not need to spend hundreds to get to top 100, trust me on this! Top 10 though is a completely different situation.

That’s if u have updated all gears and using leadership boosted gear over gold gear.

I’m in top50 using 7300 leadership gold gear only 12k hp and 1k attack.

Ok, so if top 10 is completely out of the question, then in your opinion what is the minimum spend to get in top 100?


Surely you would slip down the leaderboards if you stop paying as your bread cost increases therefore harder to win tournaments and get gems to buy gold shield that is needed to get those high upgraded towers.


What rank does it become  boarderline impossible to 100% a base without scrolls?


Anyone know the highest ranked free player? preferably windows (no features)

Is there any windows player 80++? That hasn’t bought any gems? The odds are extremely low.

@kipps If you have 7300 leadership and quite high up, what exact stats do you have on your helmet and cape?


By the end of the day, you’ll max out everything you need besides Waves by level 80, so it’s just gonna be a grindfest for levels and nothing else. 

I am around top 100 occasionally breaching top 50. I spent a total of $25 about three months ago for the starter package and a worker package (although I could probably have done it for free using tapjoy). I know at least one completely free player in top 100 as well.


Mah, not so much high…now I’m around 120th, but I have gold shield…when it’ll finish I’ll fly down up to 200-250th…  :slightly_frowning_face: