High level player, looking for high level alliance, but quiet wars



I am a high level player: level 106, around 5400 trophies at the moment, able to defeat top 10 bases scroll and insta free (you can check my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbCjdi2F2kRoKdWVVQI-puA). I am french, but can speak english fluently. My alliance tower is maxed and  I donate every day, I also give insta troops very often, and use only a very few of them. I have 13.1% skull boost, but I only have perks on 3 items (no luck yet on this topic with uber chests).

I would like to leave my current alliance because I am fed up being forced to play 10 fights on each front in war, even when I have better things to do IRL.

I am looking for a level 65 alliance with the most common boosts always active (including monks, and if possible lightning tower), but in which a top 3 on each front is enough in wars (of course that probably means not many if no war boosts, but it is not a problem for me). Note: in my current alliance, my top 3 is often worth more skulls than 10/10 by the lower half of the alliance.

If you are interested, please answer in this thread.


EDIT: I found an alliance that matches all my expectations and is ok with my moderate involvement in wars.

sorry for you friend but everyone wants players to fight all 10 and so on.

but you can come to my alliance 


Sorry but your alliance is really far too low level for me.

And in fact thanks to this post I found a good (in top 30) level 65 alliance which is ok for having me fighting ony top 3 each front during wars.

see ya