Higher Graphics in Windows Phone

Any possibility of improving the graphics on the Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile versions of the game. I’ve noticed the graphics are a bit lower when compared to more inferior hardware running android. For example, the pearls on a android tablet running a cheap MT8127 CPU / GPU are multi-textured when they appear from a treasure chest. The same look is also on all snapdragon CPU’s (410, 600, 800) that I’ve seen. Gems on these also look much better. Most of these Androids have the same amount of RAM as the Windows Phone does.

On WP8 or WM10 the pearls have no textures and look like a grape. Gems are also less textured even though they are running similar CPU’s (Snapdragon 400 / 410).

It seems to be a platform / application version difference and maybe was part of the older RAM limits; but it can likely be removed or optional?


See the link for an example.  All other platforms show the pearls such as the graphic below the treasure chest (but spinning).