higher lvls always present

So the last while I’ve noticed that there is always a very high proportion of both max lvl enemies (131 high and low trophies) or enemies a lot higher than my lvl (about 80%)  and 20% either same lvl or lower (but with higher trophy count) - despite the fact that I’m not even mid way up the trophy leader board.   Is this due to the lack of lvl 120’s or just the system always setting up harder targets?

There are a lot of high level players. Each time the game gets behind on increasing the level cap it lets more players max out or get close to maxing out. There probably are fewer players around your level than players with comparable trophies who are higher levels. 

Sounds about right, but I find a large difference when I face lvl 131 as opposed to 125-126.  After all the last 2 barricade lvls add about 60% extra health, consider towers similarly, then add  blessings, makes these top lvls tough with half decent base design (regardless of fame points). At my lvl I’m in no mans land, not enough stats to get these lvl 131’s unless I use my strongest hero.  Maybe FG want people to spend gems on most battles now. 

Spend your gems to level up instead of using them to attack. 

remember what I said and keep saying “for flaregames we are just credit cards to buy gems from elie players”

To be honest I was only after getting to #1000 in the ranking to unlock Artemis 5th power, 'cos I need it! But get people 18k trophies all the time on my islands, I havent even got half that. Gem cost to lvl up a barricade or tower are very excessive.

sorry @vasudeva1 you’ve got  a few gems coming your way… like I was saying most 18k trophyies mostly on my islands, sucks!!.

when you meet these adversaries ignore them, it’s a shame and it’s not fair that you have to be forced to use the gems in every attack

Most of the time I go with hades or zeus, but had used my quota for now, and will definitely ignore once I get to #1000. Just demonstrates FG’s algorithm totally goes out the window around lvl 120. Where after that you get any possible trophy count showing up. 

Do you have many +15 guys on your map at the same time? That’s awesome. 

@Philstar this phase will end once you balance your level with your trophies, that means you will have better match chances.

Currently I am in lvl: 126… All I am having in maps are players in level: 130, 131 with phalanx and chaos gate blessings with 18k trophies… for the record, I am less on trophies for my level with just 8k and am not in any top 4leagues… As @vasudeva1 said above, fg does want me to spend gems to attack…  Its really frustrating… I am not getting players on my level say 126/127… if so, with full blessings from top 4 teams (how, red, cccp)… 

do not use the gems against these players, rather do not buy them because if flaregames wants to protect them only then you get paid by them. We will buy the gems when flaregames will behave fairly with all the players … or start to “domocatize” the best blessings as it was before or no money tell the members of your alliances and remember that going to the league of the titans is only to take away money unnecessarily because there are the old players with the bugged items owerpowered (another gift of flaregames) against which you can never be competitive

This is a high level low trophy player that takes -15 from you every time! This is the kind of player you said FG gave a huge gift to. Have you changed your mind again?

I understand that you have lost 2 wars on 2 and with the old system you would not even have seen the shadow of a blessing while with the new system you still have everything, and then you want to defend this new system, but do not try to change the subject ………users who read the speeches are not stupid

My map is  now full of +15 trophy prospects, but seeing as they are almost all from 1st league, and max lvl, I would have to spend a minimum of 1 invocation.  It’s not worth spending the gems for this. I’d much prefer many ‘winnable’ battles for +3 trophies and no spending of gems, so basically spend gems or do nothing as the options.  That’s why I opened this topic.  @dumpster do you need to spend blessings to clear such top lvl players, I know you don’t need the trophies, just wondered genuinely if the balance of att/def still applied - I’ve found those blessed prom towers destroy a group of troops in one hit! 

I know, I am a high level player with low trophies but what @vasudeva1 is trying to explain is the same thing am experiencing… I started playing OR, after few months when it was launched…  Say like 5 months, but I didn’t spend money in the game… I was developing slowly… It took me 1.5 years to reach this level… My alliance was supportive… I never jumped… Had I been spending money at the early stage, I would have been that ancient players who now has that TOTAL OVERPOWERED items… For the record, I don’t and am stuck on the current forging system as you are all… and again according to you, if I am robbing you of 15 trophies each time, then Y have I not gained more trophies… I am stuck at 8k for more than month… And it took me 3months to reach from 7k-8k… The reason is same as you said, others hitting me for 15 trophies… This happens for everyone except for the ancient players… I too experienced the same for more than 3 months… I lost 3k trophies just for that period…

You can argue saying that my defense could have been weaker, but many a times I have seen even players lvl: 130, 131(without blessings) struggle…

So, its imperative that you @dumpster understand that FG is trying to make us deliberately buy gems with their trophy tactics…  

True… Recently, the prom towers seem to be very powerful… They kill all the small units with one bomb. and also massive damage the hero if Fire resistance is not applied… Something FG has meddled with and as-usual not letting us know…


PS: Same as in my map… I am having all enemy in map from top 4 alliances… namely GOW, CCCP, SEAL, REDS… etc… with full blessings and lvl: 131… :slightly_frowning_face:  am not complaining, but if that all what you got, only option for me is to attack(Atleast TRY) them with invocations to gain gold else I ll be a sitting duck…

Actually when you think about what’s actually happening in the league trophy system it’s all wrong: (and I compare this to several online games I’ve played with leagues/wars etc)

To have a non-linked war outcome influence strongly league position is stupid, and only results in an unrealistic trophy league table, whereby the top players aren’t necessary the top players but the players with more benefits.   The blessing strength linked to size of the alliance is just about o.k as anyone can have it. But completely new and powerful buffs…

This has been applied as there is nothing most long term players need anymore other than trophy protection as they have many gems (from successful defences/hades challenges/war season rewards, etc/ ) with no way to spend them anyway,  probably most if not all unique items/.  So the only thing FG offered is the only thing they thought these players would fight for- trophy protection .

In  other games in similar circumstances alliances fight for prestige of being the top team and nothing more - certainly not massive advantages over adversaries in a standard individual league - but with this torch fiasco whereby torches can be won in bulk in lower divisions by stronger team has made a mockery of the torch league.  A new parameter for the alliance league is badly needed,  as what we have now is a trophy league influenced by alliance wars, and the results of wars not meaning much in terms of alliance league position - 2 meaningless leagues. 

No I don’t. And most high level players beat my defense without invos.