Higher penalty for not killing gate keeper

It will be great if killing gate keeper will count more than current 5%. In my opinion should count more, probably a value between 15% and 25%.
Right now most players are able to bypass difficult gk’s and losing 5% of total vp is not really affecting the overall score.

Introducing a much higher penalty for not killing the gatekeeper will create a better war dynamic .

I like the idea that the GK is worth 1/3 of the trophies. So it’s 1 trophy for an enemy worth 3 trophies and 5 trophies for someone worth 15.

But since the nerf they should definitely be valued higher. They’re much easier to kill.


I agree opponents worth 15 trophies should have gatekeeper worth for five trophies .


I guess war will benefit most of this. Will introduce a nice turn. Imagine, opponents that will score normally 950 out of 1000 now they will score 750 or less. A lot more gems will be used to beat the gk and outcome of battles will not be that easy to predict


Yeah it’s a great suggestion. We’re already back to the point where all defenses of a certain level are basically equal strength, with the few strong GKs as the only thing that makes one defense different from another.

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This is very good idea,very nice suggestion! You have my vote. :+1:

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I disagree with this, until they find a way to get rid of killer statues and immortal ones.
There are still around statues that kill you within 2 seconds and statues that takes a minute and half to get to 50%.
So, either they can solve this once for all, or I am strongly against this idea.


There aren’t very many of them any more. Less than 20 I’d say.

And you could always still skip them, there would just me more of an incentive to try and beat them. What’s even the point of having GKs if they’re so weak that none pose a challenge?

yes, i am also not sure about this.

unless you decided to freeze your level and do refinings it might get frustrating for lower level players.

on high level with loot luck and a good offense refine strategy it might be possible with not a lot refines but it is just a guess. at least atm - dont forget that those gk will increase theirs perks also.

and we should not forget that everyone who is already behind in lvl or forging/refining will have a hard time to compete.

Maybe the solution is new defensive levels, then.

they have not been in the game from the beginning… they are just an additional element added to the defense. and should therefore also be treated as just a part of it. even if they arent anymore - since we can increase and utilize their strength or whatever, not only in level as the rest of the defense.

so maybe they should also be treated totally different from the other defense - but no idea how.

people are also complaining about e.g. too heavy barricades.
imho they should wait until soft caps do their duties on items and look after the game ballance - they do from my point of view.

They are treated differently. They’re worth 1 trophy regardless of how many trophies you stand to earn by beating the defense. They should be worth more if the opponent is worth more trophies.

People complain about everything here. It doesn’t mean the complaints are all equally valid.

oh - are we talking about trophies? i thought is is about VP during war. my bad.
i donk care about trpphies any more (unless for max pheme or top ranking they are useless) and trophis will be replaced by whatever. so why should we ask for a change concerning trophies?

We’re talking about both. I think it’s a great suggestion.

The GK is the part of the defense that the player has the most direct control over. Most defenses are extremely cookie cutter and really don’t offer any different kind of challenge unless someone builds a really bad one.

If GKs were more meaningful war would become a challenge of which alliance can beat more defenses 100%, which is a true test both on offense and defense.

it would only more cement the top 3 ranks of {cccp,tbh,gow}.

How so? I don’t think alliances in the majority of leagues have to worry about fighting any of those 3 teams in war.

? dont you think that this chance is in favour of the strongest teams?

Wars should be won by the strongest teams, in all leagues, no?

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“mind the gap” :laughing:
but i dont want to highjack the topic. i just share my thoughts.

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