Higher Ranks terrible LOOTS

You want players to rise up the ranks but all I’ve experienced from rising up the ranks is my LOOTS getting less and less. The best I’ve been getting before around 250-280k. (Favorites) random players offer only around 150-180k. As I went up the ranks loot started dropping little by little until it dropped to around 180-200k now. With more expensive upgrades as we go up. The trend is going the other direction? Loot going down and down. People that will give me 300k are the top20 and top10 players. I tried but too strong. Loot should be balanced too. Mid players are getting 200-300+ for normal bases. Higher ranks most of the times you’re forced to scroll giving a small amount of loot for all the trouble. And yes loot drops 25% in every 100% so a few attacks will make my loot drop to 80k and below.


gold increase % same as medals? so gold and medal increase 10%. 25% and 50%

is your own fault, if you can not beat the top player now, then remains at best where your King is invincible . now help only gems , level up :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you are correct, I’m mid-player (lvl77, 3100 trophies) and I never get more than 150k (except somebody logs out with full treasure chamber).

king level 77 are belong to top trophy 3700+. go up then you can see more or try tungnguyen88.

So that’s maybe why I was having trouble to get loot and medals for the last several weeks. As well matchmaking didn’t find anything for me. But hey, I cannot beat bases with 3400+ trophies so I doubt that I should be at 3700…

Since yesterdays update things are much smoother and I gained 200 trophies during one night, but really i cannot even imagine to play above 3500!

Ronny , I’m level 70 around 3100-3300 trophies and I’ve been using matchmaking system to great effect.I play only when silo is full and seems like loot reset by that time (around 7 hours) so I often got 300-500k sometimes more from matchmaking.Of course average would be 150k but search a little more and you’ll see good loots although sometimes 50 spins gave nothing haha

ductd831 , you don’t belong in 500-1000 trophy range either but you’re there despite being a level 73 king because you’re seeing good loots from high level base that you can beat aren’t you ?

I’m not spinning 50 times as 100K are already gone by then.

If you are level 70 in the same trophy range than I do understand that you get better loots. Maybe i really need to try working my way up…

Just have some easy acc on my fav.list^^

Crap player hiding in 500 trophies

1k ok! Maybe in 6 days will be 3k :slight_smile:

While I understand that players might get emotional when discussing this topic, I would ask you to keep the conversation civil. Insults will not be tolerated.


Thank you.

Low and mid players can’t understand this problem. Extremely difficult opponents going to the too, yet lower gold despite the high need for gold. Almost min 3m just to upgrade, not to forget the limits food supply. Videos around 3-5 per day? Unless I get a gold shield I can’t store up gold. How about medal and gold

Bonus? An incentive? I’m playing the way you want the game to be played yet I’m suffering with degrading LOOTS. Not sure how that’s suppose to be good, I regret going up the ranks now, no benefits and just gave me problems? :confused:

I agree loots for staying in higher ranks should be more to promote players to rise if they need gold. If a player sees less loot staying low and more if he rises in the ranks, then there is not need for anyone to hide in lower ranks. Bottom line, you need gold to progress in the system and this game punishes people who rise in both rank and level. Till this is corrected people will look for the exploits and use it. I see no harm in this. Finding exploit and using it is intelligence too. Ethical? may be not but Fair…YES. Once people in top positions see more loot more medals…(Not thru percentage… 10% gold boost will be nothing for staying top 500.) they will not stay low and game will be more balanced.

i think flare should also give gold incentives… people are now aware that going up the ranks significantly ruins your loots so people purposely stay low… maybe giving players the same % increase in gold seeing that costs of upgrades are more expensive as you go up

Yeah it’s starting to get very frustrating, I have 3 upgrades finishing today so I’m working on the gold for the new upgrades and all I’m finding in loot in 70-90k at best. And this is from bases in the top 15, very hard to complete with very little award.

+1 in here, No loots above 180k around my level. Even when I got in top 50, 10 places up or down still didn’t offer more than that.

Random players give me around 120-150. Don’t forget that amount drops every win…