Highest gem count while defending base

What is the highest gem count you have received from one person while defending your base?


I had a guy who wanted to beat me so bad he spent 1 Apocalypse, 1 Armageddon, and three resurrections to take my base for a toal of 21 gems to me.


I’m withholding his username out of courtesy :slight_smile:


I’m sure you guys have some bigger hauls.  I’d like to know.



51 gems from a player in 3400 trophies range a few weeks ago , that is also my highest total haha usually only like 10 gems from 12 attack or so

Remember what the scroll combination was?  Any resurrections ?

My best was 2 health scroll, 1 armageddon, 2 resurrects and i get +11 gems, one day ago.

Divine intervention :grinning:



Didn’t remember the exact number but it was a lot of ressurection and arma

My record was 98 but once  :slight_smile:

Ohhh Crusher… ouch… ironically, I want him on my team.  I bet he has some money to burn :slight_smile:

Just got another nice gem haul.  38 this time.  2 reinforcements, 1 Armageddon, 4 resurrections.

Another Atlas got cocky and wanted to be the best Atlas and he probably used up all of his starting 500 gems a month ago, but don’t remember how much he gave me but it was quite a lot

Not sure anymore about the exact gem amount but once someone used like 4 resurrections, 1 heal and a whole bunch of armageddons… or apocalypses? I always confuse the name of those… :wink:

made a wacky base yesterday consisting of nothing but frost towers and wave of frosters.

in essance, making an open base.

my level 1 blind grandma could beat it.


stumped one guy who dumped 6 scrolls and reurected 3 times netting me 17 gems!


had gold shield on i cant wrap my brain around it but im not complaining.

in fact, i intend to raid him today to try and induse another attack. hehe

Oh… as you mention inducing attacks… once I won like 15 gems from someone with less than half of my trophy count (IIRC, about 1.5k trophies) who resurrected like 3-4 times also, as well as some scrolls.

I had raided him before with arblasters, pyromancers and cannons just for the fun (didn’t actually think he’d attack me back) - and got only a raid (and lost 1 trophy or so). Reason is simple, his gate was down at 1st cannon shot before I could clear the towers right next to the gate (using spells would have been too strong for the gate either). I guess he thought I just was that weak that I couldn’t fully beat his base… I felt a bit sorry for him, but he almost won my diamond league (in the end I was like 50 medals in front of him at 25k medals).

Might be a bit offtopic, sorry, but it was just hilarious, and a nice amount of gems considering he would need to spend many gems to get me 15 of them due to me being much higher… some people just want to win every attack, I guess. Funny enough, he ended up with the same 98% I had got at his base. :wink:

DOINNOVATION got 1319 gems.He posted it on facebook.


Link please, this one I just wanna see…  :stuck_out_tongue:

Light years from me… :open_mouth:

Was the 1343 gems recent? I know some gold heists in previous versions were ridiculously high.  Maybe gem counts were too?


I tried the link but it doesn’t work for me "

This content is currently unavailable"


message appears


Still would like to see if in any case


It is fairly recent and probably locked if not in that group. But you can take my word as I wrote it from the pic.