Highest level non-paid king?

Hi All,


I was wondering who has the highest non-paid level king? I am currently a level 75 King.


I have not paid any money to play this freeimum game. The way I have increased my “king level†is by earning free gems from: “watching videos in Tapjoy, downloading sponsored apps, winning tournaments and creating a good defence which tricks opponents into scrolling).


I have attained my “king level†without using any Facebook invites (I do not use FB) or creating a second account.




King lvl means nothing but sucking more food

I dont fight that often since July and i am at lvl 73

Rank 250ish

I’m currenly at lvl 55 and i am also not paid a single sen for this game.  progress is slowly but i enjoy playing this game.

good to know. I have spent “money” but hell my situation isn’t like most. I do spend still but keep it at a minimum because its only time and unless I start from scratch I want to keep playing at my current level. I have a personal feud with some asshat that has been attacking me none stop. but that gives me a good target to hit. if I can keep causing him greef…yay!!!

Play on windows Phone, Not using any real money, used to have second account but lazy to use since level 40.

my king is currently lvl 8.

sorry, its 88.

Wow, level 88 non-paid king, hats off, I know how hard it is to get to level 75 without purchasing gems and packages.


… Progessing slowly … but happily…

am I the only one who doesn’t want to lvl up? lol

Higher level means better gears…stronger king

88 not paid a single dollar? Played a lot with fb invites?

I can confirm as a non-paid player, you can still go up very high on the leader boards and levelling up without paying for this freeium game (I have been in the top 200). I found the best strategy for non-paid players is max out all defences (towers and spells) before heading to the next throne room (it is very tempting to upgrade your throne room quickly). 


In addition, to also time your upgrade cycles properly. For example, it takes me approximately 8 hours (two sessions of four hours = 1 collect) to max out my silo and “bread on hand”. I time my upgrades/free workers (I only have 3 workers) to coincide with the maximum amount of bread in my silo and “bread on hand”. I complete all my raids (use all my bread) within 5 minutes of the next free worker (there is only a 5 minute gap where other kings can steal my gold, however, I generally stay online for 5 minutes so there are no attacks). When my worker is free I upgrade a building or spell (I check upgrade times to ensure I can complete the cycle again, I leave 8 hour gaps for my three workers).


After my upgrades I generally have a zero gold balance. I don’t mind if other kings attack me after my upgrade because I have a zero balance in my gold chamber. Moreover I usually I earn about 20 gems per day, as other kings in my trophy range are required to scroll against my full base to get through. 


Be patient and enjoy this fabulous game.

I know you can go up without paying. Base is going to suffer tho. Extremely weak due to lack of upgrades.

88 is really high I could only imagine a ton of grinding with fb invites before.

I think my base is generally quite strong all round, I upgrade all the time, there are never any idle workers. When I have enough gems I buy a three day gold shield and tack the one day gold shield on top, this generally allows me to obtain a large up-grade or several large upgrades.


yes 88 would been in the 1 gem and fb invite regime.


@Kipps: I am really sorry, my largest raid was against your base 1.83 million

Free player the only way to reach 88 which is really high is super usage of fb invites. If no fb invites I doubt that’s real

I am only lvl40 freeplayer but i find the game very excellently made so i bot 1050 gems to support flaregames.

Now i got wind tat the 750 gems promos will never popup if u have more than 750gems, i am not so sure my decision was good… :=(

I paid none as well, coz flaregames doesnt like Hong Kong user…:mad: