Highest trophy amount for kings who have not spent any real money in game

I can honestly say I have not spent 1 penny on RR2 nor do I intend to. My progress is slow but I don’t really care. I’m trying to get a sense of how far people have gotten in the game without spending real $. Currently I’m around 3300 and have gotten as high as 3400.


I have 3500 trophy without real money and If I want, I can get 3600-3800 trophy. I want to upgrade all my troops so I don’t want high trophy now.

It’s hard to say because if you do not buy gems, you will never make the top 10. I’ve heard some say top 100 is possible but very difficult. This is with tap joy and watching videos. There has been a lot of claims but I don’t know how reliable the information is. I’ve been in the top 1k on windows (free) I reckon I’ll get top 500, but then I think I will run into all the paying people.


Disclaimer: When I refer to Free player  it means completely free on windows (just so there is no confusion on where gems/bread) are coming from.

window phones and pc’s are disgraces

I think med.dz made 5000 AND top 10.

Can’t compete with that lol…


I haven’t spent a cent, got up to 3960 trophies recently, and use a few videos sometimes, though mainly to compensate for “inactive” periods when I was busy with real life stuff and didn’t / couldn’t use any of my bread for a day…


Btw in last month or two, top1000 border raised from about 3300-3400 to 3600-3700 trophies, similar with top500 border (currently at about 3950 trophies).

…and don’t speak about top 100…only a month and a half ago you needed 4000 trophies, a month ago 4200 and now to be above 100th place you need more than 4500!! Amazing the speeds growth… :grinning:

I think its medz too , free player , top 10 and with 5k trophies although I’m not sure if he received help from alliance members or not but hey thats what alliance are made for right ? To help each other

I am sure I’m not the highest, hit 4900+ couple times. Highest rank was around 50

You have nice base , I died on your base a couple time , very good base for a free player

I cry everytime when fii says someone has a great base while just walk through mine like it was nothing, he didn’t even take any trophies with him, honor lost

I guess “great base” is a rather relative term… for your trophy range, your base might be great as well.

Actually your current layout wih 4 chokepoint towers looks quite good…

I respect you guys that have not spent anything yet have still achieved a level of seniority within the ranks.  I admit I have spent a lot of money building my alliance to make it the best it can be.  Even with money its still not easy (unless you are willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money).   I’ve noticed several of you while playing in my diamond leagues.  If you are interested in being part of my alliance let me know.  I love players who are online more than myself (which basically means all the time).  I want to know who you are :slight_smile:



Don’t worry  , took me until level 75 and 3700 trophies before I start getting a good base.

Thanks, I just find it is very hard to raid anything above 4800 without using any scoll. A fail random raid could cost me 50 trophies, if I choose not to use gem to res (20 gems).

Surely as the game grows though more and more paid players will come. Meaning the only way is down for most people who are up there as free players.

Btw a high concentration of paying players (and a few of those just lack proper raiding skills) also means that some heavy gem users might visit your base. As a free player that can be quite useful when they scroll a lot on you :wink:

As long as you have a “clever” base, you don’t even need super strong towers to get some gem drops.

I am a windows free player. No free food , no free gems. and I rarely use scrolls or revive.

I rather die and lose my trophies than using my precious gems. hahaha.

A couple of months ago I reached top 200 because of my trap base.

Now I am down betweet top 400 to 600. .so lets see how far I can go.


But since the Alliance update, for the love of this game and clan that I am supporting before I become a paying customer.

But only to pay additonal gold donation.

So still i don’t buy gems. It’s so expensive. hahaha.