Historic Info

I love this game, even though it has some down parts to it, but all games need new things implemented. One thing that I would find quite fun, would be to have a “i” type of button next to the hero that comes up with a short summary of what that hero is most famous for in Greek Mythology! Would be quite fun and educational at the same time

There’s still Google out there ?

The reason I suggest this, is because one of the books I’m studying right now is the _Iliad, _so I’m trying to get some classmates to play OR, which would be cool. Always have loved the Greek stories and this would add an extra excuse to download it  

Just like as it is in Age Of Mythology. That’d be really nice. Attention to detail always pays off, But considering the track record of FG, I say they ll introduce new bugs only. Are there any AOE/AOM fans here?

I am big fan of aom and aoe series still play them today ???

Finally good to meet somebody who still plays those Epic games… To those noobs, who don’t know AOM, consider it as the DADDY for OR.

Currently, each Hero only has a very short description as part of the game tips.

Not sure if there’s one for Ajax and Artemis.

I like your idea, as sometimes, when we got frustrated with the raids and/or the GKs, we could read the historic info and relax a bit.  :slight_smile:

The same thing could be implemented for the  Monsters  too, as the Heroes wouldn’t exist without them.

Add the unique items to that list, too. 

I think we’re starting to make a full time job for some copy writers and translators, though. 

Yes, Age of Mythology was released in 2002. That makes Zeus: Master of Olympus (released in 2000) the grand daddy, and Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods (released in 1991) the great-granddaddy of OR.  :slight_smile:


Where did u leave the spells? The cat ate them all? ?

Spells spelling with dry cat food.