History of your own attacks (could be identical to the existing defending history)

I often want to check the king after the fight (eg. Level etc.), to calculate my win chances better or attack again.

If i didn’t note down the name or remember the name, i have no chance of finding this king again. Especially

with foreign characters in the name :wink:


The layout could be identical to the existing history with the fights, where you were attacked by others. So it

shouldn’t be much work to implement …

If I get a good attack I send the name of the king to one of my trusted generals including info on how I beat the base. Then I can see a list every time I open that particular friend chat.

I agree the full history would be awesome!

A lot of times, after I fight someone i want to figure out who it was and I can’t remember.


I’ve been in that situation too, Maerique.

+1 Here, I would like to see that option too :slight_smile:

Agree with this idea.

Me too