Hochkage Rivals -- Recruiting social players! (New / Lowbie alliance focused)

Welcome fellow heroes! We are a new alliance looking to expand our ranks and soon to begin entering wars.  We are currently a level 5 alliance, and looking to keep up some elite perks to help us get that competitive edge in battle!  Our alliance is open to anyone wishing to join us, feel free to come in and say hi!

We only need a couple more players, and we are eligible to participate in the war! We’re just a friendly bunch seeking some active, social, and friendly players! We do not currently have any requirements or rules established within the alliance yet, so all are welcome. You can have any trophy level or be a completely new player that has no idea what they’re doing. I simply request that you make donations if you’ve got the spare change and to be fairly active (At least hop on a few times every couple days or something).