"Hold Formation!"... "Brace for Impact!"... "Charge!"

I want to be able to order my “human” units to hold and get into formation.


Basically, I love using Paladins but so often they just wander into a Snake Tower and die in two seconds.  And it makes them almost unusable at high levels of game play. 


I want to make the game more interesting by changing the scream button.  I want it to be two buttons now: Hold & Charge. 


Charge is the exact same thing Scream is. 


But Hold is very unique it only applies to the human units (not the dungeon ones.)  When you command your units to hold, units like your Paladins huddle into a group (shields up if they want to do new animations).  And the more units in the formation the more resistance they have to damage. 


The use for this would be:

You’re running into a cluster of Snake Towers and you don’t want your Paladins just walking into their death.  You call Hold.  Your Paladins halt before reaching the towers.  They get into formation to resist any miscellaneous damage.  Then your Ogres lumber on up o the snake towers and bash them down (or maybe you just needed more time for your spells or canons to take them out.)  Then you call charge and your Paladins break formation charge through and slaughter the archers on the other side.  This would also be useful for Knights before they walk into Skull or Bomb Towers.  It would even be great for keeping Canons back if they are getting too far ahead of the other units.  Or with the extract resistance great for bracing for impact from the Doom’s gate!

How about hold on defensive unit too?

All ranged unit can be hold on chokepoint to kill all offensive unit


Hey @Maerique it’s a very nice idea! I liked! +1

Thanks iKamael!

Very nice , I thought of this as well but very long ago haha +1!

I believe you just need more of a scream boost…


A lot of times I don’t want all my units charging forward.  A lot of times that really f#cks up my archers and paladins!

That’s why hold and charge would be so amazing!