Holiday button

We have a problem in gameplay…You know people sometimes go to holiday, and when the war comes, we may loose because him.Can you put a “holiday” feature to the game?So If you push that button, then you go to “sleep”, and you can’t go back till 3 days.

Just let general or leader know and ask them to save a slot for u and re invite u

I think there is some value in this, currently if we don’t play at all and wait a week we can go inactive until we play again, maybe a button that allows us to go instantly inactive for a period of not less than a week (to save some kings doing it after every raiding session) would be good. Then you can holiday/take a break and come back and pick up from where you left. Currently if you leave an alliance for a break you will be dropped like a stone, if you are allowed to stay you make no contribution in wars.


Maybe better still make alliance wars the pick of 50 of your kings for any given war, this will allow some to take seasons or individual wars off if need be and also allow alliances with less kings to be closer in terms of numbers to those they are fighting.

If so need minimun time if u active that

If not ,when im sleeping i can just use that holiday button

That can save gold and throphy

This has been on the improvements list for a long time. Been requesting this since the wars started but its not happened. instead we got shields but they cost gold but still doesn’t help with the lack of skulls from the inactive player…


solution. player leaves alliance and comes back later after holiday and if they loose trophies or can move to a less active alliance then that’s what has to happen so its down to the player to take the hit

Would be interesting to have a button to press when we can’t play. Sometimes hard to get hold of a General and not everyone speaks the same language. But then again, can have a multitude of buttons for different states. “Need to go to work. Will help in war later”, “just online to collect gold from my farms” eg.

well maybe u pay gold depending on how long u plat to leave 100% of ur gold maxed will be 12.000.000 then and if u return earlyier there is a button u want to come back and if u click yes ur back in game without refund of any gold and in guilds etc it shows on holiday when u come back after the full time u get refund of 50% and it has a cooldown double of the holiday time so 30days holiday it hast 60 days cooldown etc^^

Nah. Just leave your alliance so not to be burden for ur alliance in war and ask the general to re accept u again