Holiday Chest bug

Hey Folks,

I tried to claim my first Holiday Chest with the 10 festive gifts.  When I tried to click the chest, it refused to open despite repeated clicking on it. I hit the X button to get out of the chest screen. I logged out of the game thinking it might reset, but when I logged back into the game, the Holiday Chest was gone.

Any chance I could get the Holiday Chest again?

I don’t know what’s in them, so I feel like I’m missing out, even though I took the time to log in today.

Just reporting an issue. Thanks.

  • Ettanin of Sunstrike alliance.

You will probably have to open a ticket:

Is it the very last item of your calendar?

I had a similar issue last month but with the Godlike Gems Chest.

They told me it was caused due to the cycle of rewards resetting.