Holiday Chest Bug

Hello everyone,

last night I was checking mine daily gift chest card and I found something strange in it.Like it was showing I have received a holiday gift chest as it was marked with a check mark and yet it was also showing new gift in 4 hrs.  even though I haven’t received yet.Please somebody from Flare games look into it.I don’t want to miss mine first Holiday chest.Here the screen shot of the same.

P.S. This gift card is from my other Account 

IGN: :sparkles::snowflake::zap:Escaflowne​:sparkles::snowflake::zap:

I first surprised the title “holiday cheat bug” ?


Yeah thanks a lot Hellslord for pointing it out.I have corrected the title.

Nah, you should’ve left it. Remember, the fastest way to get tech support in any game is to follow this procedure:

  1. Point at the general direction of the issue

  2. Write in red caps: “CHEAT”

  3. Step back and have a drink while the entire tech support division is virtually digging the code for your issue

P.S. some photoshopped Screenshots double the fun and halve the time required for your issue to be solved