holiday chest

any idea about this chest??

I thnk hav to wait fr 8 more days to get an idea about that…i am expecting some special gears in the holiday packs  :wink:

some new players have already got this waiting for there reply ?

Ill be waiting too fr their reply then…thank you hulk :slight_smile:

no need bro ?

Y? Do u hav any info about the holiday chests? :rolleyes:

We had them last year. Many, many items inside, juicy and yummy. I’m sure either Florian or maybe even Jason made opening video on YT.

no need bro ?

haha lol… I reply thanxx like this .generally

can you tell about items plz or send the link of the of the video ?


Sorry but no, you can search it yourself :slight_smile:

you can check on my Youtube channel the video i made last year. This chest give you maybe around 20 items or more. Voucher,pearls,Gems,Items,etc… The difference with last year is this year we have 3 of this chest and last year only 2. Enjoy the price when you gonna reach this day :slight_smile:

Sorry I confuse with Easter lol but I think its the same

This is what i found on youtube about holiday chests☺

Actually in this video are also included holiday chest we got during war, as you can see different  colour on  chests.

ya i got that video … I thought it would have lot of uber items

Last year the Uber items was not in the game. Uber Items has been introduce recently with update 2.2.0 June 6th 2016. This video was in December 2015. If I remember well when opelle have did this video we were in version 1.9.6 with the Daily Rewards

Maybe this year we can have uber in this chest

thats good … I wish it has lot of ubers or may be few thousands candies ?

Its awesom chests

Hey there,

The chests are special gifts for Christmas, so you can expect good rewards.

Yes they can contain a uber reward. :grinning: