Holiday Odduseus



so first thanks for some holiday cheer! I would like to ask couple of questions on the holiday odysseus. 


First, does the first odysseus get automatically generated on the first day or when exactly?


Second, when does the enhancement day change occur exactly time-wise?


thanks alot. 



Yes a little more info would be nice 


The event only concerns adventures and those you start yourself through the odyssey menu. So dont worry about the game choosing any days for you, all 5 adventures are 100% user-controlled.

Time-wise, we have recently established the Server Time to be UTC, so I am 97.834% sure the day changes are according to UTC too.

Hope this helps

@Infamous thx, what is meant about auto generation is for the very first ody regarding enhancements; so when u simply click the menu does it geenrate or simply at the start of the ody? Because it gives an ody prompt so if you ignore it then enhancements have not been generated?

I assume what would happen is that if we dont embark on it, the enhancements would change to the next days’ special automatically. But this I dont know for sure, so lets hope someone from the team will wonder here and explain, else we can only hope for the better.

One question from my side Too… 

what if I complete 5 adventure in one day …??? Will I get five more adventure next day .?? And if yes Then from where will I generate so much wisdom in one day …  

@NAPC i think thats an obvious one, only 5 odysseus’ like normal only difference is you can somehow control enhancements you get; wisdom islands probably take 8 hrs to regenrate; anyting else, including more wisdom id you ise too high skull islands, your gonna have to use gems

Can we play Odyssey everyday or only 1 day? 

@Nathalie you can choose which days you do the odysseus like normal but the days you start them decide what enhancements you get; so if you do 1 ody per say you can do it everyday xD i dont think its possible for the devs to have a new ody everyday xD

@K7moda lol …Bro I don’t use gems on 10skulls … but it’s an expensive thing to go on 10 skull so I go 9 skulls … 

1 adventure a day ? seems okay will I get the enhancement as per that days or the day when I start it.?

You sure have maced harbour? Usually 10skulls use gems unless its war hereos even with them sometimes; and most likely you get enhancement of he day you start it @NAPC

?That means if I need the Fortification and Powers enhancement I need to wait and have to complete it in 1-2 days so the time of Odys. Doesn’t ends.

If you want fortifications, you have to wait until friday. Your war heroes will be unavailable on friday.  This is sort of an obvious cash grab.

Forget it then … During war it’s only war Not gonna waste resource on that time it’s better collect gems at that time …

@K7moda no offense but i would like an answer from FG not a supposition. 

i found it really strange when they don’t answer a simple question like mine or like @NAPC

As you might have guessed, FG are busy with something and are not currently present. For official responses, write to Tech support, they handle clarifications as well as the actual tech issues 

So the original post says to start a new Odyssey on the day you want that perk.  however, you are still forced to do the first day (creature) before it resets to that particular day.  I was hoping to do all of mine on thursday/friday but i will only be able to do 4 of them, and 1 useless creature one (my choices for this were very poor as well), and I also probably won’t have enough time to get 48m gold over the 2 days…maybe if I have enough time.  I am now forced to stop at 4 islands on my first odyssey until thursday or else be forced to start another one that I don’t want.  If you really wanted to offer a holiday bonus, you should have had the odyssey’s reset at 0000z time whether or not you had started it.

No this was a pretty shameless cash grab. 

I like the general idea, but there are some obvious faults.  I certainly don’t see any reason to spend cash (unless you’re really intent on doing 5 level 10s on Friday), but won’t catch me doing that.

The intention is for people to wait for thursday and friday and spend gems to buy resources.