Holiday Season Contest 2018

Holidays Contest

The holiday season is finally here and it is time to get cozy on the couch and play some RR2. How about winning gems when doing so? Sounds great! We know! So here is our contest for the season. ?:snowman_with_snow:

Entry process:

1.       Take a screenshot of your King/Queen during battle.

2.       The King/Queen has to have one of the new Royal Guardians equipped (it does not matter which one).

3.       The battle landscape equipped has to be either Northland or Christmas Woods. Screenshots equipped with any other battle landscape will not be valid!

4.       The coolest battle scene will win (action, explosions, fun battle scenes, …you know the cool stuff!)!

Please note: Only one entry per person. Upload your picture to either Facebook or Twitter or on our Royal Revolt forum and don’t forget to give your in-game name (details see as follows:)

:arrow_right:Twitter: Upload the screenshot on Twitter with the hashtag [#RR2Contest]( xts %5B0%5D=68.ARCIM7FEwsVWkeQOB0dwjWWqsi4hfZFR-aMQRk9vGEbDAxIqKtL_xbE8eszKHMRTinU0dEI9TamgAvbs3ONb-LPGGZ_Ajlnc8s0-RRAzLWL4CKsTsEsSUT436bD-7Pd0Y2Gw2VORDEg5saqtDX2FNFmtQBi97YXqqKtD4PekCw349aoZnrcQXHCaa-g6sq-fJpTpt5QxRQhlSd8nGAEYahryQfQ29ezqlBgByop19vgqGdZKN9Pq9iwsAdwJF_yVKV2HEGV0bgq4jxLXW5mR34Czd_zPCN9TDaaNUPYYZMyxGrpoD3wMVEoFOck-sgl3ENMbaAawfniwgz8V11wD9aURuw& tn =%2ANK-R) and write your in-game name.

:arrow_right:Facebook: Comment on the event post with your screenshot and write your in-game name.

:arrow_right:RR2 Forum: Leave one comment with your picture and in-game name in the Holidays contest event thread.

Please leave the pictures online until the winners are announced.

:alarm_clock:** Participation Period** The contest opens now (Friday, December 14th) and will close on Friday, January 4th (23:59 CET)

?** Prizes**

  • Ten winners will be chosen by the Royal Revolt 2 development team and receive 1000 gems. They will be announced via the Royal Revolt 2 Facebook page, the Royal Revolt 2 Twitter and on the Royal Revolt 2 forum in January.
  • All 10 winning pictures can possibly be shared on the Royal Revolt 2 Facebook page, on the Royal Revolt 2 Twitter and on the Royal Revolt 2 forum.

For more details on the terms and conditions please check below.

Good luck and have a peaceful season full of joy! :heart:



Terms and Conditions of participation for contests on various official social media channels of Flaregames These terms and conditions govern your participation in the contests organized by Flaregames GmbH Erbprinzenstraße 27 76133 Karlsruhe. Before you enter the individual contest, please read these terms and conditions carefully. You must agree to and abide by the terms and conditions of Flaregames contests. The more detailed information related to each contest, including the contest rules, participation period, prizes, eligibility criteria and other such matters, are determined by Flaregames and communicated to all participants in the contest notice or otherwise.

1. Eligibility All contests are brought to you by Flaregames and will be governed by these rules. Each contest is open to legal residents of their respective countries where not prohibited by law, who are 14 years of age or older at the time of entry and who have Internet access and a valid email account. All decisions of Flaregames regarding this competition are final. Employees, directors, officers and principals of Flaregames, its subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, agents and members of their immediate families or households are not eligible to participate.

2. Contest Rules Participation in the contest is free of charge. Each participant can only enter one submission via one of the channels mentioned. Please note that you need to submit your entry prior to the given deadline in order to qualify for the contest. Flaregames may cancel or suspend the contest or otherwise alter the contest rules if that is reasonably necessary, for example, due to technical problems, or other such reasons not controlled by Flaregames. Flaregames will not consider any participant who is acting in violation of these contest terms, the contest rules or the relevant policies of Flaregames or in an inappropriate or disruptive manner.

3. Prizes All prizes are personal and non-transferable and no substitutions of prizes will be available (except that Flaregames reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value for any prize).

4. Selection of Winners Flaregames and the Royal Revolt 2 development team shall select all winners via judging process from all eligible entries. Flaregames will confirm the results via the Royal Revolt 2 Facebook page, the Royal Revolt 2 Forum and the Royal Revolt 2 Twitter in January 2019 and this decision by Flaregames is final and binding. Winners will be notified via the specific social media channel. Flaregames will transfer the gems to the IGN mentioned in the winning post. Each participant is responsible for making sure the In-game name stated was written correctly and is mentioned in the participation post. If the In-Game name was spelled wrong, a substitute winner shall be determined by the same procedure. No guarantee is assumed for the announcement of the winners.

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If you are below the age of 18, your parents will have to give their approval. If no approval is given within 14 days after Flaregames’ request, Flaregames may revoke the prize and nominate a substitute winner.

7. Exclusion of participants, termination of contests Flaregames is entitled to not consider an individual’s participation if justified reasons exist, e.g. undue influence on the contest, manipulations, etc. In such cases, prizes may also be withdrawn and reclaimed at a later date.

Flaregames may terminate or interrupt the contest at any time for good cause without prior notice. This applies in particular to such reasons that would disrupt or prevent the scheduled course of the contest.

8. Law and Jurisdiction These terms are governed by German law and any claim or matter arising out of these terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Germany. Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

9. Contact




Guess i will start off so everyone can confidently outdone

IGN : Soilwk 

Did someone ask for Exploooooooooosiiioonn ? (imagine the loong ooooooooo as wolf howl)



Fritz VS phoebe? Fortunately My Guardian runs fast And we flee away :wink:



Saw Phoebe, got scared and then I realised my donkey was here to save the day!

IGN: Warmaster8

P.S. Oops! You can barely see my guardian only the symbol, time left and health. Oh well.

Untamed kaiser got scared of my sled and turned away…



Porterò il calore della magia del Natale nel cuore gelido del Regno Invernale! Buon Natale a tutti! ?

IGN : Draksvaar

I’m the real Winter Queen ? 

Sweet and happy Christmas to all! 

IGN: Queen Susy 


oh no, Sultan!!! Not to trees, please!!! to towers!!! ?

Sorry, he is still learning when he can use that bombs… 




King trying to pacify the raging “Big Bunny” by saying “Merry Christmas”. Meanwhile the pal has raced to spread his merriness (Fritz).  

Wishing you all a very very HAPPY CHRISTMAS??.

IGN - BoundingLeaf285.

IGN:Dr Hipotalamus

Sliding through danger…

I wanted to get as much action as possible with howl, froster dragon and Sultan all meeting in a cataclysmic battle.

my ign is wych

With white fang


Royal Revolt 2 2018_12_18 4_44_00_Moment.jpg

     bom bom bom ! bombs  in every where because sultan is coming muahahahahaha ? , Merry chrismas for everyone ?     

    IGN : Michel Anjello . 

merry Christmas ?  Enjoy 

Merry Christmas

IGN: Snepe


Ouch! Its Christmas time and I have presents to deliver.

Merry Christmas

IGN: me king me

IGN: Surviva

Witness the magnificent display of power by the Royal Guardian Donkey while crashing the castle gate. Truly Magnificent.

IGN:Jesper der Erste

Someone say: tame the Goruc the Dragon

…. i am not sure that works

… so many stars and lights … and he still looks angry ??

IGN: Parasite2689


Sultan clearing the way for the army

Hello! WOW!! Another Contest! I really Love these!!!

my InGame name is: Villhelm3 …
and I am a part of Knights of the Realm

Ok so here is my picture!!!

Royal Revolt 2 12_19_2018 11_11_43 AM.jpg


I used the Guardian Donkey, and although I have many others, Donkey is definitely my favorite because of his speed and the carrot rush.

In this picture, he is marching bravely into battle with his pal Bucky and Yeti. He really has nothing to fear by way of attacks because he is shielded by the Blessing and shield AND carrot rush LOL. 

I could not stop laughing (maybe I am crazy but stick with me) because the rabbit is standing in front of the Donkey looking like he is trying to pick a fight with it! HAHAHA!!! 

:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:Anyway… HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS you guys!!! and of course a happy new year!!!:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

Thanks SO much!