Holiday Season Contest 2018


Sultan giving cristams present…???


My trusty have a secret super power a giant shield that pushes and kill everything in it’s way 


A very new Obledee (already entered on Twitter) ruling the day on her Donkey! Merry Christmas!!!

IGN: Lord Barnot

Gimme your Xmas jumper, Phoebe! Go Donkey gooooo!!


Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noël


Fireballs in winter incinerating and devouring enemies. ft. Goruc


IGN: KK Star

Goruc after encountering the beast “eldrak”, he tried to devour him…, But alas that he was great mouthful for him,? and the reason of band aids on his face is it,that he would always be remembered,Take a little mouthful for himself. ? ?

(Best wishes for you and all of our friends and family in the new year)

Healthy,energetic, joyful :heart:?

iGN: Miaad The FatalMan

I call it „donkey vs. Winter-Yetis“


ign: cutcher

Santa leading his troops onward with destruction in his path!!!


For too long have the yetis hold a grudge against their Alien master…

And now…A newborn Donkey enemy?

Enough is enough! …

“_He was supposed to ride our fluffy white fur! Not that stinky dummy…  thing _!!!”

Growled the so called… “Fellowship of the Yeti”…


And so… After 10 thousand years…


Yeti the Cooler photo bombs to steal all the protagonism away…

Holding true to his so promised Winter revenge!  ")

Leaving his master to cry while he bows his head in regret…

Happy new year and best wishes to all of you folks!

May all your Royal wishes come true on 2019  :wink:  


EDIT: I just noticed the landscape isn’t valid… Oh well, I’ll leave it be for the story

Firstly thanks for the event and happy new year to all :grinning:

“With the Sultan equipped and walking to the victory, the bombs carry a mass destruction power … and thanks to Sultan turning u turn towers into ashes!”

And the massive health of it taking all the brunt of beasts like Phoebe making it invincible hero. One armageddon and Sultan bombs and no beast standsby, everything gets smoked out, u can see the radius of mass destruction in screenshots attached , it’s snowed like a winter XD.

My IGN:yogì

Alliance name:RoArmy

Note : the special symbol is included in IGN.

Once again thanks and happy new year ahead.

With kaiser and sultan, all towers are small case!! And they look like father and son XDDD

IGN: Only King4

?Kings and Queens,

Thank you all on the forums, FB, and Twitter for participating! These were all great screenshots and it was certainly hard to pick the 10 winning screenshots for us.

After discussing with our advisor we are happy to announce the 10 happy winners which each will receive 1000 gems. The gems will be transferred in the course of today! ?


  • Michel Anjello
  • Mohan.
  • Schildkröte1978
  • Bùi Hữu Lộc
  • TomDark
  • Príncipe Rafael XVII
  • me king me
  • ashv009
  • wych
  • ムさん


Michel Anjello



Bùi Hữu Lộc


Príncipe Rafael XVII

me king me