Holiday Season Contest 2018

Hi guys,

Well, let’s be honest here…there was no reindeers, snowman and Santa Clause back in the good 'ol greek times haha and the game does not have real festive content, so I was having troubles thinking of an in-game holiday season festival. ?And then I thought hmmm our players are super creative, so why not give you a chance to be decorative :wink:

Challenge: Decorate your Acropolis! Make it look festive somehow! Lay a Christmas tree with the decoration… or any other idea :wink:

Then take a screenshot and post it in the comments! Please state your In-Game name as well.

The 10 best FESTIVE screenshots will win 1000 gems!

We will pick the winners in January and announce them in the thread.

Contest end: 4th of January 23.59 CET.

Have fun and I am wishing you a joyful and peaceful season ?

IGN: Eeestil


the most organized mountain for sure , with golden path formed of the gold taken from many fallen cities ,words and pictures wouldn’t describe the beauty of this city ,so here’s a video 

ign :  :crossed_swords:?? Hussam ??:crossed_swords:


Well, Dionysia, Anthesteria, Panathena and Thesmophoria were major holidays of Ancient Greece:

Other festivals of Classical Athens:

Edit: But don’t cancel the contest!  :grinning:

IGN Philstar

Fine^^ :wink: I changed the description of the event, I hope we can all be happy now ?

IGN: Durkheim 


Now I really wish I hadn’t bought all those new boulevards…

IGN: xDes


Wrote Noel in boulevard, and made X-mas tree patterns with hedges.


I gave Santa Zeus a little green hat. 

IGN: superman7777 20181214_235734.jpg

IGN: Jay the Abundant

IGN: StrongGod


IGN:  Hugh G. Rexion

A Christmas tree, “Ho Ho Ho!” In floor tiles, and a star atop the tree when there’s gold to be collected.



Well thats what i could think of. The power coming from top of tree and strength from the firm stem and roots of gate of defence. 


finally a contest that encourages you to play … ???