Holiday war chests, only this season?

Or will we have one more for new years celebration too?

I doubt there will be a new year’s celebration, but we can hope. :slight_smile:

I want Chinese New Year chest too


For those that open chests during war, what makes them different to just usual magic chests? As they are so “festive”

Enchanted chests give 5 prizes and Rare chests give 6 prizes, and they’re usually very good, I’ve found many legendary stuff already. This chests are awesome, Flares finally did somehing well…

Just realised the chests I have already gotten I will have to open by the end of the war due to timers

Vouchers aren’t bad :slight_smile:

I open 4 epic holiday chest and I got 8 legendary gear. (forgot how many legendary gems, pearls and golds i got. but i got it too LOL)

3 legendary sword, a legendary cape, 3 legendary armor and a legendary glove. its hard to get boots, ring and belt :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s not that much bad at all. I got so many things from that too…btw yesterday I got almost 90diamonds overall :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to flare games

The chest rewards this festive season been a huge help to upgrade my alliance tower, already at 4k gems (start with 1.5k when update came out) without buying gems (and two diamond league win)

Hope in future holiday season we get great reward again :slight_smile:

Is it really only me that got rubbish stuff

now i got 10. haha… 1/3 of my full inventory.

with the gems from the chest i can buy a package too… 7rd worker for only 330 gems (also full gold chamber and 3 days gold shield)

I hope everybody have a nice reward :slight_smile:

thanks flare

I got 13th worker by 330 gems (usual cost 9000)

+12M gold

+3d shield


97% off :slight_smile:

I see no such offer. Is it still active?

Many people are getting these 330 gems packages, condition is you need to have few gems :slight_smile:

Such a joke. Why can’t everyone get the same offer

Because they are greedy bastards who penalise people who buy their product :slight_smile:

I guess on new year (1 day), they can give all players rare gifts (like 1 worker, and usual stuffs).