holy palladin

holy paladin is a joke  normal palladin has more strength  what a rip off   greedy greedy greedy

On the contrary, I believe that the Holy Paladin is actually pretty awesome and is certainly better than a normal paladin, especially in defense! It’s not a rip off. Let me give you an example. The storm cannon boost deals less damage per cannonball than a normal non-boosted cannon, however, it’s firing rate is 2x faster (maybe more, I’m not sure). Likewise the Holy Paladin may have less health than a normal paladin, but the healing aura that is around each paladin makes up the difference and then some, making it a really good boost. To give you a little tip, if you don’t think the Holy Paladins are good by themselves, then you should try your best to get the Unholy Paladin boost to go with it. When those two boosts are mixed together they are amazing!


Foryour information, @AwesomestKnightest, for holy paladin they don’t have heal aura of their own. Instead, they heal themselves for each strike. That’s the heal puddles on them looks like a kind of aura?! But the negative thing is, if they don’t attack anyone(let’s say they are moving over the path, where skull and fire bolt towers are in opposite path, they will die pretty easily) they need to attack something, then only they can survive!