Home page miss behaving

When I started the game earlier today the home screen was fine, had no glitches, when I returned to the game later my home screen doesnot have any defenses and was basically reset to default, all my defenses were placed in storage (had to use Facebook for screen dump due to size issues).

I am using windows 10 Pro and running Version 5.0.0 of the game.



Well, we now have 3 base layouts, so most likely you did select layout 2 or 3. Here the help to switch back to original layout 1.

Click on your tent and then on test defense (the small sword) next to the info button. You see your base and three buttons numbered 1 2 3

The active layout has a green color. Click on button 1. There is your defense again, when you prees cancel (the red X upper right).

The two other layouts you can use for anything, building new structures or a path suited for season. After you for example start to build new towers, don’t forget to switch back to layout 1.